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Entreprenista babes can take their pick of a virtual style or beauty service. From special occasion styling to everyday wardrobe needs to makeup bag makeovers/makeup lessons--we've got you covered. Take our style + beauty quiz to get started & book a service!
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Emily Kuvin Jewelry

Fine jewelry for elegant women with spirit. Because beautiful things make us happy. Original. Vibrant. Award winning. #KAPOW! ???
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Grayson is founded on an undeniable truth: women are superheroes. And we want every woman to know that — to feel her innate superpowers, every single day. We brought together 30 women (not fit models, but real women, with real bodies) and we questioned everything about women’s shirts. Then we tapped into our own superpowers — empathy, an engineering background, and over 10 years of luxury-shirting experience — to create the perfect button-up. Inspired by her, and by this extraordinary moment we are living in, we called it: The Hero.
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Baliawear is a convertible clothing line, started to help solve the issue of fit! A brand built upon the goal that fashion should be made to fit you. The collections feature versatile pieces that wrap for a personalized fit and transform to be worn multiple ways.
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Hailey's Hair Elastics

Hailey's Hair Elastics are snag free, no pull, and promises a secure hold for all hair types! Use as the finishing touch for your hairstyle, or as a bracelet.
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Jam + Rico

Growing up, I was always influenced by my culture. With immigrant grandparents from both islands Jamaica and Puerto Rico. The most prominent inspirations were food and music in my home. A little salsa and reggae with a mix of arroz con pollo, pastelles, jerk and curry were favorites and loves within my home. Once I got older and was able to travel to both islands, the fascination and love of my heritage grew even stronger. The colors, carnivals, art, beaches and language all inspired me to create and design. That’s when I knew I needed to design to bring me closer to the cultural connection of my ancestors. I created Jam + Rico to dive deeper into my love of designing and the Caribbean.
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