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Daily Crunch Snacks

Daily Crunch Snacks is a NEW award winning, new, uniquely crunchy, sprouted nut snack that's KETO, non-GMO certified, Vegan Certified and Paleo. Our multi-step Soak-Sprout-Dehydrate process turns ordinary, boring nuts into a Uniquely Crunchy™ snack without sacrificing vital enzymes that make our nuts easier to digest.
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DŌ Cookie Dough

DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections, is the world’s first edible cookie dough confectionery, founded by Kristen Tomlan. Her unique take on the formerly forbidden treat is a viral success and has inspired millions of customers worldwide. Her brand has grown to include multiple retail outlets, a successful ecommerce business, The Baking AcaDŌmy, at-home safe-to-eat cookie dough mixes, and a cookbook: Hello, Cookie Dough!
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Tea Drops

Tea Drops is an experiential self-care brand that creates organic, bagless whole leaf teas. Think bath bomb, except it's tea. Tea Drops sheds about 20% less waste than the tea bag, are USDA organic, and merge flavorful blends with food art.
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Three Wishes Cereal

Meet Three Wishes: a high protein, low sugar, grain free breakfast cereal that tastes like the cereals of your childhood, made with modern day clean ingredients. Three Wishes contains ingredients such as chickpeas, pea protein, and tapioca - a feat of food science that took 2 years of development - and comes in four flavors: cocoa, cinnamon, honey and unsweetened. With 70% less sugar and as much as 8x the protein of their decadent counterparts, there’s nothing on the shelf like it. Three Wishes is a plant-based, gluten-free certified cereal free from wheat, dairy, soy, oats, corn, rice and peanuts.
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JARS by dani

JARS by dani are beautiful and delicious desserts delivered in a simple fashion: a mason jar. Each flavor is perfectly layered with fudge brownie, sugar cookie, mousse, whipped cream, sprinkles and more!
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Mini Melanie

The sister-led team at Mini Melanie team is passionate about your experience with our desserts. We put our all into the creative development, culinary technique, and customer service behind every dessert we create. We make beautiful and delicious treats for every ‘just because’ gift you need to send!
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