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Every entrepreneur knows the hurdles of starting a business from the ground up. There are long hours, navigating the media, and of course, staying ahead of the competition. But, no matter the kind of business, one of the universally challenging areas to navigate is money.

That's why when there was an opportunity to earn cash back doing what they were already planning for their business — Entreprenista Founders Stephanie Cartin and Courtney Spritzer knew they had to sign up for the Chase Ink Business Credit Card.

Why Entreprenistas Love Chase Ink Business Credit Cards

Cash Back Rewards! 
By using our Chase Ink Business credit card for business expenses, we've been able to continuously earn a substantial amount of cash back — there's nothing more exciting than looking at our monthly statements to see how much cash back we've earned!

Reinvestment Back into Entreprenista
We use our cash back to strategically reinvest back into our business. From investing in additional marketing activities so we can reach and help more women founders grow, to planning team dinners like the one we had in Miami to foster team building, the Chase Ink Business credit card allows us to do so many impactful things to help our business grow!

Employee Cards
With a growing team it's important to have a streamlined process for expense management. At Socialfly, we were able to give our employees their own Chase Ink Business credit card, making it easy to track and manage expenses.

Manage your Cash Flow and Separate your Business Expenses from your Personal Expenses
Using a business credit card makes it easier to manage specific business expenses so they are not combined with personal credit card use. Also, as a business owner, cash on hand may fluctuate, so it's been helpful to be able to put business expenses on our Chase Ink Business credit card before we have the cash on hand.


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Chase Ink Business Preferred®

Why Entreprenistas Love
Chase Ink Business Credit Cards

The cash back rewards are amazing and so needed for business owners who want to maximize every dollar spent. Paying for travel can be quite expensive. By using our cash back rewards we were able to have our entire team with us at our event where the focus was on helping entrepreneurs. This was absolutely incredible!

Read more about why Courtney & Stephanie chose the Chase Ink card here!

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