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This Way

We create travel products and guides for your journey to make it more sexy and convenient. We are essentials to your travels that can be used on and off-board.
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Bite Toothpaste Bits

Bite makes plastic-free alternatives for your daily routine. Our mission is to help keep harsh chemicals out of our bodies and plastic out of our oceans and landfills. Along the way we believe it is our duty to inspire and educate our community on how they can be better to their bodies and the planet.
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Robyn connects aspiring, expecting and new parents with parental wellness providers, resources and classes on their unique path to parenthood. Our network of specialists in 14 different service categories, from acupuncture to physical therapy, support you from fertility through early parenthood. Our debut class, Parentbirth™, is the modern childbirth education class that recognizes when a child is born, a parent is born too.
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ArtSugar is the curated e-commerce platform showcasing eye-catching artwork and home decor objects. With every purchase, we donate a portion of the proceeds to one of our pre-vetted charitable partners. We believe art is for everyone - ArtSugar exists to meet your art needs, accessibly.
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Grayson is founded on an undeniable truth: women are superheroes. And we want every woman to know that — to feel her innate superpowers, every single day. We brought together 30 women (not fit models, but real women, with real bodies) and we questioned everything about women’s shirts. Then we tapped into our own superpowers — empathy, an engineering background, and over 10 years of luxury-shirting experience — to create the perfect button-up. Inspired by her, and by this extraordinary moment we are living in, we called it: The Hero.
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DŌ Cookie Dough

DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections, is the world’s first edible cookie dough confectionery, founded by Kristen Tomlan. Her unique take on the formerly forbidden treat is a viral success and has inspired millions of customers worldwide. Her brand has grown to include multiple retail outlets, a successful ecommerce business, The Baking AcaDŌmy, at-home safe-to-eat cookie dough mixes, and a cookbook: Hello, Cookie Dough!
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Kopari Beauty

At Kopari, we coconut like we give a damn. Every product starts with 100% pure, organic coconut oil sustainably sourced from small family farms in the Philippines. Our products are made with the purest intentions because we’re unnaturally obsessed with all things au naturel. From skin to hair to personal care, Kopari makes clean coconut products for your everywhere because coconut is one mother of a multitasker. And we think that is beautiful.
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At RiseWell, we scour the world for the best ingredients, no matter the cost, to bring you oral care products that are incredibly effective, 100% clean and backed by science.
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Tea Drops

Tea Drops is an experiential self-care brand that creates organic, bagless whole leaf teas. Think bath bomb, except it's tea. Tea Drops sheds about 20% less waste than the tea bag, are USDA organic, and merge flavorful blends with food art.
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At Socialfly, we pride ourselves on always being ahead of the curve and finding innovative solutions for everyday problems. When we realized that communication during our video calls needed to be more efficient and engaging, we knew we needed to find a solution, so we invented: Virtual Meeting DigiCards™⁣⁣. Each pack includes 20 colorful cards that not only streamline communication during meetings, but also makes each video call an opportunity to collaborate and have a good time!
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