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Perform: Daily Inflammation is a fully organic and vegan functional nutraceutical that returns your body to a healthy state of inflammation. It also reduces stiffness, soreness, stress, and aches, while also reducing recovery time to get you back to reaching your peak level of athletic performance, without synthetic chemicals. Control: Glucose is a functional nutraceutical that is formulated to prevent sugar spikes and crashes, satiates your appetite to help you reach your weight loss goals, while also balancing your energy and mood. This plant-based formula is the perfect alternative to your standard apple cider vinegar shot or gummy, so that you can feel your best, without synthetic chemicals.
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Inside & Out Motherhood

Inside & Out Motherhood is an online marketplace with all of the products & services new moms need. All of the brands listed on Inside & Out are female-founded small businesses and DTC startups. They were founded with the mission to support moms at every stage of motherhood.
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Designed to be your anchor in the storm, the Core Meditation Trainer and App uses dynamic vibrations, synced with each class, to help you stay present for easier, deeper meditations. Core's built-in sensors track your progress as your practice helps you climb the toughest mountains and tackle your biggest goals.
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Bite Toothpaste Bits

Bite makes plastic-free alternatives for your daily routine. Our mission is to help keep harsh chemicals out of our bodies and plastic out of our oceans and landfills. Along the way we believe it is our duty to inspire and educate our community on how they can be better to their bodies and the planet.
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At RiseWell, we scour the world for the best ingredients, no matter the cost, to bring you oral care products that are incredibly effective, 100% clean and backed by science.
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Daily Nouri

Nouri exists to spread the power of health equity and does so by creating gut and immune health solutions. The company was founded in 2018 by Caroline Beckman and since then has created scientifically published and nationally distributed proactive immune solutions to retailers such as Whole Foods Market.
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Nunona Life

Nunona is a whole food plant-based (evidence-based!) maternal and infant nutrition company founded with the purpose of helping to create healthier humans for a healthier planet. Our debut product Mama Balls are energy balls specially formulated to help new moms create better quality breastmilk.
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pH-D Feminine Health

pH-D Feminine Health is holistic feminine hygiene and wellness company that helps millions of women feel confident and comfortable. pH-D is an independently held, woman-owned business and the brand is best known for selling the #1 doctor-recommended boric acid vaginal suppository for women who struggle with feminine odor.
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