Introducing…Startups in Stilettos

Have you recently started a business, or are you considering taking the leap to start? Do you find yourself alone or overwhelmed in the whirlwind of early challenges in your Entreprenista journey? Well, you’re in the right place – Startups in Stilettos is for you. Learn what it takes to grow your startup, from your peers in the startup world, and those who are in your shoes (or stilettos, if you will).

We’re meeting you where you are to get you through your biggest challenges and toward your biggest goals.  From the team behind the Entreprenista podcast, tune in to Startups in Stilettos as you take steps to build your startup from the ground up.

So what can you expect from Startups in Stilettos? Each week, we’ll interview a startup founder in our community to uncover their early challenges, learn from the solutions they’ve found, make new connections, and strategize for the future growth of their business.  You’ll walk away with practical tips and resources  to help you along your journey and a new community member to connect with through the Entreprenista League!

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