April Gargiulo on Addressing the Luxury Skincare Market Gap

“So often in the beauty world the purpose of the communication is to create a sense of fear and insecurity and I refuse to participate in that.” In this episode of Entreprenista, we sat down with April Gargiulo, founder and CEO of Vintner’s Daughter, a Nutritional Skincare brand founded on the principles of unparalleled quality…Read More

Conquering Financial Trauma with Alejandra Rojas

“We learn the financial services, we learn what is in that system. We don’t learn about our relationship with money. We don’t learn about our relationship with success. We didn’t learn anything that has to do with the emotional and mindset side of money. You might know the instruments, you may know the old literacy…Read More

Elevating Your Brand’s Media Presence with Nicole Pearl

“The responses that I had to my intro post inside of Entreprenista pales in comparison to all of these other networks that I’ve introduced myself in. I’ve met so many wonderful women there. And that is part of my marketing strategy, is that every week I have a consistent amount of time that I invest…Read More