The Best Gifts For the Entreprenista in Your Life

When it comes to finding gifts for busy women doing big things in the business world, we know a thing or two. Our guide has the perfect presents for female leaders wanting to grow their business or even just take a moment to relax for a change.

They do it all, so they seem like they have it all! But, shopping for the hard-working Entreprenistas in your life doesn’t have to be difficult. Give the gift of relaxation, professionalism and genuine support with our highly curated list of the perfect presents for the go-getters in your life who are busy launching and growing their businesses — and deserve extra love and pampering this holiday season.

From downtime treats to services that’ll support their business goals and dreams — these gifts are the perfect pick for female founders to remind them that you see their efforts and are rooting for them every step. 

Humanity Wine Co. 

If wine time is a favorite for your business-minded buddy, then Humanity Wine Co. is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only do they have a wide selection of quality wines for you to pick from to select the perfect pairing as a present, but 50% of the profits go toward helping aged-out orphans through the programs of Humanity Del Sol. 

Use ENTREPRENISTA when shopping at Humanity Wine Co. to receive 10% off any wine product on the site.

Ivy Alexander Purse Hook

Every business babe with a handbag deserves a purse hook to keep her most important possessions clean and safe. Ivy Alexander’s purse hook is the perfect gift under $50 for the friend with it all. Elegantly lightweight and compact, the sleek design can hang most purses from any tabletop surface. Choose gold, silver or rose gold to customize it to your Entreprenista’s personality. 

Use code NISTA10 for 10% off through January 15, 2023.

Arch Plush Edit Slippers

Let’s be honest — there’s no true “end of the day” for most woman founders as they build their businesses day-in and day-out. A luxurious pair of slippers is exactly what any Entreprenista needs this holiday season. 

The Plush Edit Slipper from Arch is so comfortable that your giftee may wear them 24/7. Available in vibrant “Bow Pink,” trendy “Kelly Green” and standout “Cow Girl,” these fabulous slippers are made of faux fur that feels like you’re walking on clouds while still being durable enough to wear outside. 

Use code ARCH15 for 15% off a pair of Plush Edit Slippers from Arch. 

Leaves of Leisure Bath Time Tea 

Even the most successful business leaders can’t be all work all the time. Help the Entreprenista relax with a unique tea blend designed to be enjoyed during a soothing bath. Bath Time tea is artfully blended with green tea, lemongrass, tangerine pieces, rosemary and sage leaves to transport even the most stressed-out business founder to their happy place for a moment.

Use code Entreprenista20 for a discount on Bath Time Tea from Leaves of Leisure.

Devi Collective Photo Editing Presets 

If your friend is a fashion or beauty blogger, chances are they rely on taking their own photos for their content. Streamline their photo editing in apps such as Lightroom with presets that cut the time down significantly. Their “Arrived” preset is created especially for people with melanated skin tones. 

Use code NISTA20 through December 31 for a 20% discount.

Springstead Strategic Support Packages

While a service may not seem like a typical gift you can wrap in a bow, sometimes it can mean even more — especially if someone’s business is truly the baby they’re trying to grow. Show your support by giving the gift of strategic business consulting. Springstead is offering two discounted packages exclusively for Entreprenistas.

  1. Launch is perfect for those Entreprenistas who are in the pre-launch, launch, growth phase, or even pivoting in a new direction. 
  2. Renew is for businesses needing redirection, marketplace pivoting or a refreshed sense of innovation.

Each package includes one 60-minute discovery session, one 60-minute workshop, and one strategic recommendation one-pager.

Mention Entreprenista and receive this $2,400 value for only $495 from Springstead). 

Luxe & Bloom Fa La Lovely Gift Box 

While a spa day would be a fantastic gift, it’s not always feasible. Give the next best thing with the Fa La Lovely Gift Box. Packed with everything your friend or loved one needs for a luxurious and relaxing holiday, this gift helps soak away the stresses of entrepreneurship with the Bloom Wild Rose bath soak, relaxing candle and decadent chocolate. They’ll be able to block out the outside world with the silk mask and truly unwind in a way they’ve never been able to. 

Use code ENTREPRENISTA10 for 10% off between now and December 24th to send this Fa La Lovely Gift Box from Luxe and Bloom.

Modern Lifestyle Gifts Inspirational Tumbler

We can’t always be there with the ones we love to offer the encouragement they need. So this year, give the gift of inspiration with cheerful daily affirmation designs on a glass Tumbler. Paired with a bamboo lid and plastic, it’s the perfect container for iced coffee, tea or even good ol’ H2O while reminding them how amazing they are daily with self-love reminders. Simply pick the message that resonates most and send it.

Use code MODERNWOMAN20 for a discount on an inspirational tumbler from Modern Lifestyle Gifts this holiday season. 

Teqnizan Inc Music Earrings

A true founder and CEO deserves to have the very best tech while also looking fabulous. Gift the Entreprenista in your life music earrings from Teqnizan Inc. These chic accessories wear like an earring while wirelessly playing music into your ears. Talk about giving hands-free audio connectivity a makeover. Jamming out to your favorite tunes while working or hitting the gym never looked so fabulous. 

Use code FIRST10 to give a pair of stylish music earrings from Teqnizan Inc.

Tausi Brands Specialty Pillow Case 

For the Entreprenista who simply needs a good night’s sleep, Tausi Brands offers a revolutionary pillow case to transform comfort. With this expertly designed pillow case, any home pillow can offer next-level head, neck and back support. It can even be used for lumbar support in an office chair or while reading in bed. Give your friends and family upgraded comfort this holiday season. 

Use code COMFY for $15 off a Tausi Brands pillowcase. 

Splendid Spoon Plant-Based Meal Delivery 

Time is money when it comes to business – especially when you’re launching one yourself. Give the gift of more time and less hassle from meal planning with Splendid Spoon. The average person spends around 40 minutes a day thinking about food, but the Entreprenistas in your life has many more important things to do than worry about their next meal. 

This plant-based meal delivery service makes healthy living more accessible and easier to maintain with over 65 no-prep smoothies, soups, noodle/grain bowls and wellness shots ready to eat. 

Use code ENTREPRENISTA80 to get a discount on this life-changing gift from Splendid Spoon.

Ashlee Sang Live Out Your Brand Values Self-Reflection Workbook

Self-care is always important, but sometimes you need a lot more than a spa day to truly recenter yourself – especially when being a female business owner takes up so much of your brain space.

This guided workbook will help you move forward in your business with intention and direction based on the values you want to represent. By helping outline your business and personal values, you’ll be able to build a more authentic and balanced brand. 

Perfect for conscious and caring business owners who want to run a business that succeeds while also feeling good about what and how they do it. 

Use code ENTREPRENISTA for 20% off through December. 

FrutaPOP Alcohol-Infused Ice Pops

Treats aren’t just for kids during the holiday season! Surprise the hard worker in your life with Alcohol-Infused Ice Pops by FrutaPOP. It’s perfect for the Cocktail Lover, Wine Lover and Food Lover in Your Life who would love a fun way to unwind. Check out the special holiday variety pack, which includes: Apple Cider Bourbon, Red Sangria and Moscow Mule POPs. 

Use code ENTREPRENISTA15 for 15% off orders during the entire month of December.

Life Stories Live Deeply Game

Give the gift of true connection so your busiest Entreprenista friends can take a break this holiday season and focus on what matters — the ones they love! 

Life Stories is a conversation card deck made for getting deeper and learning new things about both the people you just met or may have known your whole life! Each card is a prompt that fosters honest, meaningful communication among the players. Help break the lull and disconnect from screens with a game that is so much more.  

Use code ENTREPRENISTA20 for 20% off until December 15th.

A Business Fitness Assessment

Help the Entreprenista in your life gain the support and direction she needs with a 40-minute business fitness assessment from Carlyn Bushman Consulting. It’s the perfect way to kick-off the New Year for the business-minded buddy who is focused primarily on their business goals. After the 40-minute call, your recipient will also receive actionable items to take immediately to ensure their business stays healthy and on track as we enter 2023.

Use code EL60 for $60 off.

A Mug to Remind You to “Just Get Started”

Taking the leap into entrepreneurship can be intimidating for many. Support the Entreprenista in your life’s dreams with this encouraging mug that acts as an excellent reminder for how much you believe in her and what she’s trying to accomplish. 

Entreprenista League Membership

Why limit yourself to a traditional gift with a shelf life when you can give an entire community of female founders at a click of a button? Give the gift of camaraderie and epic levels of support with an Entreprenista League membership. 

The Entreprenista League takes the stress out of networking while providing access to virtual events guaranteed to lead to meaningful business connections from mentors to potential investors and even future employees or friends. 

Gift a 1-year membership to your favorite women founder here. Or to gift yourself a membership here.

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