Lessons and Insights from Dr. Bre Hayward: Founder of Baby Hair™


Hello Bre! Please share a brief introduction about yourself and your business:

Greetings! I am Dr. Bre Hayward, an entrepreneurial spirit, strategist, and mentor with a passion for innovation and positive impact. At the helm of Baby Hair™, a luxury hair care brand, I am dedicated to redefining excellence in the industry through a commitment to premium products and a heartfelt mission. With a background rooted in the healthcare sector, I honed my skills in product development and marketing, which eventually led me to embark on a journey to create something truly exceptional. Fueled by personal experiences and a drive for quality, I established Baby Hair™ in 2015, crafting a line of luxurious hair care solutions tailored to diverse hair types and textures. Our brand’s essence goes beyond beauty; it stands as a beacon of giving back. A significant portion of each purchase contributes to organizations supporting domestic violence victims, children, women’s education, and empowerment. This ethos of social responsibility has propelled Baby Hair™ into the spotlight, capturing the admiration of not only renowned beauty enthusiasts but also influencers and celebrities alike. Beyond my role as a visionary entrepreneur, I actively engage in guiding startups, offering insights on product innovation, marketing strategies, and sustainable growth. As an advocate for women in business, I share my experiences at various forums, inspiring others to rise and lead. Away from the boardroom, I am an enthusiastic explorer of cultures and cuisines, and a devoted supporter of causes close to my heart, championing the rights of women and those affected by domestic violence. Together, we are shaping a legacy of inspiration, empowerment, and mentorship that resonates far beyond the world of luxury hair care.

So Bre, what excites you about being an Entreprenista League member?

The Entreprenista League membership brings an exhilarating fusion of opportunities and connections that fuel my entrepreneurial spirit. The prospect of being part of a vibrant community of like-minded, driven women who share a passion for innovation and success is truly invigorating. The League offers a platform where inspiration meets collaboration, allowing me to learn from other accomplished entrepreneurs, exchange invaluable insights, and collectively raise the bar of excellence. The idea of engaging in dynamic conversations, brainstorming sessions, and collaborative projects with fellow Entreprenista League members is undeniably exciting. Moreover, the League’s emphasis on mentorship and empowerment aligns seamlessly with my personal values. The prospect of both guiding and being guided by a diverse network of strong, forward-thinking women amplifies the potential for mutual growth and positive impact. Being an Entreprenista League member is an invitation to contribute, inspire, and shape the future of entrepreneurship, fostering an environment where creativity and innovation thrive. It’s a thrilling journey that promises to create lasting connections, nurture innovative ideas, and leave an indelible mark on the entrepreneurial landscape.

Did your own hair journey inspire you to start your own business?

The decision to start my own business was born out of a compelling combination of personal experiences, a genuine passion, and a resolute determination to bring about positive change. Throughout my career, I had the privilege of working in the healthcare industry, honing my skills in product development and marketing. However, it was my own hair care journey that provided the catalyst for change. Frustrated by the lack of effective products tailored to my specific hair type, I recognized a gap in the market and an opportunity to make a meaningful difference. Driven by a passion for quality and a desire to offer solutions that catered to diverse hair textures and types, I embarked on the entrepreneurial journey. The leap was fueled by a deep-seated belief that I could create a brand that not only delivered exceptional results but also championed a sense of inclusivity and empowerment. The prospect of crafting high-quality, luxurious hair care products that could transform not only hair but also lives was both exhilarating and motivating. It was a chance to redefine standards, to contribute to the well-being of individuals, and to give back to the community. In essence, the decision to start my own business was a convergence of expertise, a gap in the market, and an unwavering commitment to crafting a brand that resonated with authenticity and purpose. It was about taking control of my own destiny and channeling my energy into a venture that aligned with my values and aspirations.

What was your background prior to starting your own business?

Before embarking on the journey of starting my own business, my professional background was firmly rooted in the healthcare industry. I spent several years immersed in the dynamic world of healthcare, gaining valuable experience and insights that would later shape my entrepreneurial path. During my tenure in the healthcare sector, I had the privilege of working across various roles that provided me with a holistic understanding of the industry. Specifically, I was engaged in product development and marketing, where I had the opportunity to contribute to the creation and promotion of healthcare products and services. This experience allowed me to develop a keen understanding of product innovation, market dynamics, and consumer needs. It honed my ability to identify gaps and opportunities, as well as my skill in crafting strategies that resonated with target audiences. While my initial professional journey was within healthcare, it was this foundation that equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to venture into the realm of luxury hair care entrepreneurship. The transition from healthcare to hair care was driven by my personal passion and the desire to address a need I had personally experienced, ultimately leading to the creation of my own brand.

Did you always know you wanted to be an entrepreneur? What led you to the path of entrepreneurship?

No, I didn’t always know that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. My journey towards entrepreneurship was a result of a combination of experiences, passions, and opportunities that gradually led me down this path. Initially, my career trajectory was focused on the healthcare industry, where I gained valuable experience in product development and marketing. While I was passionate about my work in healthcare, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur hadn’t fully taken shape in my mind. It was my own personal experiences and challenges that sparked the idea of starting my own business. As I navigated the world of hair care and struggled to find products that met my needs, I began to see a gap in the market and an opportunity to make a meaningful impact. This realization, coupled with my passion for quality and a desire to create something innovative, gradually shaped my decision to become an entrepreneur. In essence, my journey to entrepreneurship was an evolution. It was a process of recognizing a need, leveraging my skills and expertise, and channeling my passion into a business endeavor. While I may not have always known I wanted to be an entrepreneur, the path I ultimately chose has been incredibly fulfilling and has allowed me to make a positive contribution to the industry and the lives of those my brand serves.

Take us back to when you first launched your business, what was your marketing strategy to get the word out and did it go as planned?

When I first launched my business, it was an exhilarating moment filled with both excitement and anticipation. I was eager to introduce Baby Hair™, my luxury hair care brand, to the world and make a mark in the industry. My marketing strategy was carefully crafted to reflect the core values of the brand and create a strong connection with potential customers. My primary goal was to establish Baby Hair™ as a symbol of premium quality and authenticity.

Here’s an overview of my initial marketing strategy:

1. **Authentic Brand Storytelling:** I focused on sharing the authentic story behind the brand – how my personal hair care journey led to the creation of Baby Hair™. This story resonated with many who had similar struggles, creating an emotional connection and garnering interest.

2. **Quality and Innovation Emphasis:** My strategy highlighted the brand’s commitment to using the finest ingredients and innovative formulations. I wanted to position Baby Hair™ as a brand that offered effective solutions for various hair types and textures.

3. **Social Media Engagement:** Social media platforms played a pivotal role in my marketing plan. I leveraged visually appealing content to showcase the products, their benefits, and the brand’s ethos. Engaging posts, tutorials, and testimonials created a buzz and encouraged interaction.

4. **Influencer Collaborations:** Partnering with influencers and beauty enthusiasts who aligned with Baby Hair™’s values and target audience helped increase brand visibility and credibility.

5. **Charitable Initiatives:** The aspect of giving back was an integral part of my marketing strategy. I promoted the brand’s commitment to donating a portion of proceeds to causes like domestic violence support and women’s empowerment, resonating with socially conscious consumers.

6. **Public Relations and Media:** Securing features in major beauty publications, as well as appearances on television and other media outlets, helped amplify the brand’s reach and credibility.

7. **Launch Events and Promotions:** Hosting launch events and offering limited-time promotions generated excitement and encouraged initial purchases. While my marketing strategy laid a solid foundation for the brand, it’s important to note that not everything went exactly as planned. Challenges and adjustments were part of the journey. For instance, some influencer collaborations didn’t yield the expected results, and competition in the market proved to be more intense than initially anticipated.

However, by continuously analyzing results, gathering feedback from customers, and adapting strategies, I was able to refine my approach and make informed decisions. Over time, the brand gained momentum and started to achieve the desired recognition and success. In hindsight, while there were twists and turns along the way, the launch of Baby Hair™ taught me valuable lessons about resilience, adaptability, and the importance of staying true to the brand’s core values. It was a journey that ultimately led to a stronger, more impactful business presence in the industry.

Entreprenistas overcome daily challenges. What is your biggest challenge, and what have your learned from it?

One of the biggest challenges I encountered along my entrepreneurial journey was navigating the complex landscape of scaling the business while maintaining the brand’s core values and commitment to quality. As Baby Hair™ began to gain traction and demand increased, I faced the task of expanding operations and reaching a larger audience without compromising on the principles that had set the brand apart. This challenge taught me several invaluable lessons:

1. **Balancing Growth and Quality:** As the brand’s popularity grew, there was pressure to increase production and distribution. However, I realized that maintaining the highest quality standards was non-negotiable. I learned to seek out suppliers who shared our commitment to quality and to invest in rigorous testing processes to ensure that every product met our standards.

2. **Effective Team Building:** Scaling the business required building a capable and dedicated team. I learned the importance of recruiting individuals who shared the brand’s vision and values. It was crucial to foster a collaborative and motivated team that was aligned with our mission.

3. **Streamlining Operations:** With increased demand, operational efficiency became paramount. I invested in technologies and systems to streamline processes, manage inventory, and optimize supply chains. This enabled us to meet customer expectations while minimizing inefficiencies.

4. **Communication and Consistency:** As the brand expanded, maintaining consistent messaging and brand identity across various platforms became challenging. I learned the importance of clear communication and guidelines to ensure that the brand’s essence was preserved in all interactions, whether online, in packaging, or through marketing efforts.

5. **Customer-Centric Approach:** As the customer base grew, I recognized the need to actively listen to feedback and adapt based on customer preferences. This customer-centric approach not only improved our products but also fostered loyalty and trust among our clientele.

6. **Staying True to Values:** Amid rapid growth, it was crucial to stay true to the brand’s core values, including our commitment to social responsibility. I learned to integrate philanthropic initiatives seamlessly into our business model, ensuring that giving back remained an integral part of our identity.

7. **Adaptability and Flexibility:** The business landscape is dynamic, and unforeseen challenges will arise. I learned the importance of being adaptable and flexible in response to market shifts, consumer trends, and unexpected obstacles.

Ultimately, this challenge taught me that growth should be guided by a clear vision and a commitment to maintaining the essence of the brand. By staying focused on quality, values, and the needs of our customers, we were able to successfully scale the business while continuing to make a positive impact in the industry and the community.

Bre, what is the accomplishment you are the most proud of to date?

Among the various milestones and accomplishments along my entrepreneurial journey, one that stands out and fills me with immense pride is the impact that Baby Hair™ has had on empowering women and supporting important causes. I am particularly proud of our commitment to giving back to the community. Through our philanthropic initiatives, a portion of every sale goes towards organizations dedicated to domestic violence support, women’s education, and empowerment. Witnessing the tangible difference we’ve made in the lives of domestic violence victims, in the education of women, and in empowering individuals to pursue their dreams is incredibly rewarding. Knowing that Baby Hair™ is not only a brand that offers premium hair care but also contributes to social good is a fulfillment of my vision. It’s a testament to the power of purpose-driven entrepreneurship and the positive ripple effect that a business can have beyond its products. Furthermore, seeing Baby Hair™ featured in major beauty publications, endorsed by influential figures, and becoming a trusted choice for consumers has been a source of validation for the brand’s quality and impact. This recognition reflects the dedication, hard work, and commitment of the entire team behind Baby Hair™. Ultimately, while achievements in revenue, market presence, and industry recognition are important, the accomplishment I am most proud of is the positive change and empowerment that Baby Hair™ has brought to the lives of individuals and the causes we support. It reinforces my belief that entrepreneurship can be a force for good, creating lasting change and leaving a meaningful legacy.

Do you believe in work/life balance? What are some of your best tips?

Yes, I strongly believe in the importance of work-life balance, especially in the context of entrepreneurship. Achieving a healthy balance between work and personal life is crucial for overall well-being, sustained productivity, and long-term success. Here are some of my best tips for maintaining a work-life balance as an entrepreneur:

1. **Set Clear Boundaries:** Establish clear boundaries between work and personal time. Designate specific hours for work tasks and communicate these boundaries to your team, clients, and stakeholders.

2. **Prioritize Self-Care:** Prioritize self-care activities such as exercise, meditation, hobbies, and spending time with loved ones. Taking care of your physical and mental well-being is essential for maintaining energy and focus.

3. **Time Management:** Use effective time management techniques to maximize your productivity during work hours. Tools like time-blocking, to-do lists, and scheduling can help you stay organized and make the most of your time.

4. **Delegate and Outsource:** Recognize that you can’t do everything on your own. Delegate tasks that can be handled by others, and consider outsourcing certain functions to free up your time for more strategic or enjoyable activities.

5. **Set Realistic Goals:** Set achievable goals for both your business and personal life. Striving for balance doesn’t mean neglecting your business; it means finding a sustainable pace that allows you to excel in all areas.

6. **Unplug Regularly:** Dedicate specific times to disconnect from work-related devices and emails. Engage in activities that allow you to fully recharge and be present in the moment.

7. **Learn to Say No:** Prioritize tasks and opportunities that align with your goals and values. Politely decline commitments that may overload your schedule or hinder your balance.

8. **Flexibility and Adaptability:** Be flexible in your approach to work-life balance. Circumstances change, and sometimes you may need to adjust your schedule to accommodate pressing matters.

9. **Quality Over Quantity:** Focus on the quality of your work rather than the quantity of hours spent. Efficient, focused work can often lead to better results in less time.

10. **Regular Reflection:** Periodically assess your work-life balance and make adjustments as needed. Regular self-reflection helps you stay attuned to your needs and prevent burnout. Remember that work-life balance is a dynamic and ongoing pursuit. It requires conscious effort, self-awareness, and continuous adjustment based on your evolving responsibilities and priorities.

Striving for balance doesn’t mean achieving perfection; it means finding a sustainable equilibrium that allows you to thrive both professionally and personally.

Learning from tenured entreprenistas is so helpful! What’s a piece of advice you can share that you wish you’d known when you first started your Entreprenista journey?

A piece of advice I wish I had known when I first started my entrepreneurial journey as an Entreprenista is the importance of embracing failure and setbacks as valuable learning opportunities. In the early stages of building a business, there’s a natural inclination to fear failure and avoid mistakes at all costs. However, I’ve come to realize that failure is not only inevitable but also an integral part of the growth process. Each setback, mistake, or challenge presents a chance to learn, adapt, and ultimately become more resilient. Here’s the advice I would share: “Embrace failure as a friend, not a foe. Every misstep, every obstacle you encounter is a stepping stone towards your success. Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks and push your boundaries. When things don’t go as planned, instead of dwelling on disappointment, ask yourself: ‘What can I learn from this? How can I do better next time?’ Each setback is a lesson that brings you closer to your goals. Remember, some of the most successful entrepreneurs have faced failures along the way. It’s not about avoiding failure, but about how you bounce back and use those experiences to fuel your growth. So, embrace the journey, setbacks and all, and let them shape you into a stronger, wiser, and more resilient Entreprenista.” Understanding that setbacks are not roadblocks but stepping stones towards success would have helped me navigate challenges with a more positive and growth-oriented mindset from the start. It’s a mindset shift that can make a significant difference in how you approach your entrepreneurial journey and ultimately contribute to your long-term success.

Bre, you have lots to celebrate! What have you achieved recently that you’d like to celebrate with our community?

I am thrilled to share two recent achievements that I would love to celebrate with the community:

1. **Supporting Signs of Hope in Las Vegas:** It brings me immense joy to announce that Baby Hair™ recently had the privilege of contributing to the invaluable work of Signs of Hope, an organization dedicated to providing support and resources to individuals affected by domestic violence. Our commitment to giving back is at the heart of our brand’s mission, and partnering with Signs of Hope aligns perfectly with our vision of making a positive impact on the lives of those in need. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to support such a crucial cause and stand alongside a community of individuals and organizations working towards creating a safer and more empowered environment.

2. **Participation in Cosmoprof:** I am excited to share that I had the honor of attending Cosmoprof, a renowned beauty industry event that brings together professionals and innovators from around the world. This event provided a platform for Baby Hair™ to showcase our luxury hair care products and connect with fellow entrepreneurs, industry experts, and beauty enthusiasts. Participating in Cosmoprof was an enriching experience that allowed me to share the Baby Hair™ journey, learn from others, and contribute to the vibrant beauty landscape.

Both of these achievements underscore our commitment to meaningful impact, quality products, and collaborative engagement within the beauty industry and the broader community. I am truly grateful for the opportunities to give back and connect with fellow entrepreneurs, and I am excited to continue this journey of growth and positive change.

Last, but not least, what’s next for your business? What can we expect to see over the next few years?

The future holds exciting prospects for Baby Hair™, and I am thrilled to share a glimpse of what you can expect to see over the next few years:

1. **Enhanced Brand Awareness:** We will continue to focus on expanding our brand’s visibility and reach. Through strategic marketing initiatives, collaborations, and engaging content, we aim to increase awareness of Baby Hair™ among beauty enthusiasts, influencers, and consumers worldwide.

2. **Inclusion and Diversity:** Diversity and inclusion have always been fundamental values for Baby Hair™. In the coming years, you can expect to see a deepened commitment to representing and celebrating the diverse spectrum of hair types, textures, and identities. Our product offerings, marketing campaigns, and brand messaging will reflect this dedication to inclusivity.

3. **Collaborative Partnerships:** We are actively exploring partnerships with like-minded organizations, influencers, and advocates who share our values. These collaborations will further amplify our mission and allow us to contribute to initiatives that align with our commitment to social responsibility.

4. **Expansion into Large Retailers:** As part of our growth strategy, we are working towards securing partnerships with large retailers. This expansion will provide more accessibility to our luxury hair care products, making them available to a wider audience while maintaining our unwavering focus on quality and effectiveness.

5. **Product Innovation:** Innovation is at the core of Baby Hair™. We will continue to develop new, cutting-edge formulations that address diverse hair care needs and preferences. Expect to see exciting product launches that cater to evolving consumer demands and trends.

6. **Community Engagement:** We are dedicated to fostering a strong sense of community around the Baby Hair™ brand. Through interactive events, social media engagement, and customer feedback, we will create spaces for dialogue, learning, and empowerment.

7. **Global Presence:** Baby Hair™ is poised to expand its international footprint. You can anticipate our products reaching new markets, connecting with a broader range of customers who share our passion for quality hair care.

8. **Sustainable Practices:** Sustainability is a growing priority for us. We will work towards implementing eco-friendly practices in our packaging, sourcing, and operations to contribute to a more sustainable beauty industry. In essence, the next few years will be marked by a dynamic blend of growth, inclusivity, innovation, and community engagement. Our commitment to excellence, social responsibility, and creating products that inspire confidence and beauty in every individual remains steadfast as we embark on this exciting journey ahead.

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