Carin Luna-Ostaseski Headshot

Persistence and Spirits with Carin Luna-Ostaseski of SIA Scotch Whiskey

July 16, 2021

Persistence and Spirits with Carin Luna-Ostaseski of SIA Scotch Whiskey

When Carin Luna-Ostaseski discovered the world of Scotch, she realized it was full of preconceived notions, and decided she wanted to create an inclusive brand that changed people’s opinions. She built SIA focusing on creating a flavor profile that was unique and disruptive – and hit the ground running with a successful kickstarter campaign, grit, and the determination to make an impact. Fast forward to today, she looks back on her journey and shares the biggest lessons she has learned over the years.

She also shares exciting news about launching The Entrepreneurial Spirit Fund by SIA Scotch, a $250,000 grant program in partnership with Hello Alice to support Entrepreneurs of Color. She tells us how you can apply for a chance to receive a $10,000 grant plus mentorship and a one year membership to the Entreprenista League!

Key takeaways this week include:

  • How Carin pivoted from being a graphic designer for 20 years to launching her own brand.
  • Her experience getting into the Scotch industry, and the power of networking.
  • How she created a unique flavor profile that so many love.
  • Carin shares everything you need to know about launching a Kickstarter campaign.
  • How Carin’s journey is now going full circle and she is able to help budding entrepreneurs launch their businesses.