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Financial Feminism with Alli McCartney

January 25, 2021

Financial Feminism with Alli McCartney

Alli McCartney is on a mission is to get rid of the taboo of talking about money, and she does this by encouraging people to embrace uncomfortable conversations about the power dynamics of money, the role finances have in a relationship, and how taking the leap and investing can help you reach your goals. Now a Managing Director at UBS, Alli has spent her career climbing the corporate ladder in a male-dominated field, and has amassed a number of personal and professional lessons she shares with us today. 

Coming up, you’ll hear:

  • How she was born to be a “financial psychologist”
  • Why she always thought there was a powerful relationship between money and behavior
  • Her early days working at the Lehman Brothers, and being 24 in a male-dominated business
  • The definition of financial feminism, and why this is such an important concept for Alli
  • Why having a “money posse”is essential
  • Getting rid of the taboo around talking about money, and how Alli is achieving this
  • Financial Planning 101, with tips on building a financial plan that aligns with your goals
  • 3 different ways you can get involved as a philanthropist: with time, treasury or talent
  • Being a self-taught extrovert, and how she recharges during her time off
  • The value of defining the things that energize you, and the things that deplete you. And then using this information to be fulfilled at work and in your relationships!
  • The origins of “class, sassy, and a little bad-assy”