Climbing the Corporate Ladder with Leah Wyar of Dotdash

May 17, 2021

Climbing the Corporate Ladder with Leah Wyar of Dotdash

“Say yes to most things.”

This is a mantra that has guided Intraprenista Leah Wyar throughout her career, from being recruited as a young college grad at Cosmopolitan to her current position as the SVP & General Manager at Dotdash, which includes brands such as Brides and Byrdie. You’re about to hear how she successfully climbed the corporate ladder by leading with kindness, understanding the psychology of team culture, and translating her skills for print into digital channels.

Key takeaways this week include:

  • How Leah built the beauty and style group at Dotdash
  • Her best tips on getting noticed in the workplace, and promoted!
  • The concept of “calendar hygiene”, and why it is so important
  • The difficulty of managing up, and how to motivate a team after a transition
  • Leah’s best tips on succeeding in the workplace while raising children