Climbing the Corporate Ladder with Leah Wyar of Dotdash

May 17, 2021

Leah Wyar was recruited as a young college graduate by Cosmopolitan, and since then she’s made her way to numerous top positions at other companies and magazines, such as Hearst. She currently holds the positions of SVP and General Manager at Dotdash, a company that includes brands like Byrdie and Brides.

Today, Leah shares her story. She talks about how she successfully climbed the corporate ladder by leading with kindness, understanding the psychology of team culture, and translating her skills from print to digital channels. She shares lessons she’s learned over the years, as well as the mantra that has inspired her throughout her career. She offers her best tips on getting noticed and promoted in the workplace, and she introduces the concept of calendar hygiene. She touches on her experience working at Hearst and what it taught her, and she shares how she tries to achieve a work-life balance raising three kids.

“What I could corely bring to them was what I was very honest about in the interview. And if you like me, you like me, and if you don’t, you don’t. But let’s know that up-front, because I’m never going to sell you a false version of myself.”

– Leah Wyar

This week on SocialFly’s Entreprenista Podcast:

  • The psychology of team culture
  • Why you need to be up-front and honest
  • The meaning and importance of calendar hygiene
  • Leah’s mantra
  • Work-life balance

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