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Building a Mission-Driven Business with Whitney Tingle of Sakara Life

December 29, 2021

Building a Mission-Driven Business with Whitney Tingle of Sakara Life

Whitney Tingle began her career on Wall Street, where she quickly learned that being a part of the fast paced work culture of New York City’s epicenter only led her to late nights and eating habits that worsened her acne and overall health. She decided to take matters into her own hands by learning about her own health struggles and testing solutions, eventually sparking the idea for Sakara Life, which she launched with her lifelong best friend, Danielle.

Whitney and Danielle spent a few years developing their offering and their goals, then raised money in 2015 to open their own kitchen, and have now reached over 150 million in sales

Tune in to hear how Sakara Life has evolved over time, why Whitney believes in being on mission in business, and how she and Danielle make their friendship translate into their business partnership. 

Key takeaways this week:

  • Why Whitney says you have to believe in the business you’re building
  • Whitney’s advice for Entreprenistas in the early stages of business  
  • Whitney’s take on success and how she incorporates gratitude into everything Sakara Life does
  • How to navigate starting and running a business with a close friend
  • And finally, how continually challenging yourself can create an exciting and purposeful Entreprenista journey

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