Building a Makeup Empire with Wende Zomnir

February 22, 2021

Building a Makeup Empire with Wende Zomnir

When Wende Zomnir started building Urban Decay, she set out to change how women looked at makeup and brought her own spin to the world of color cosmetics. Tune in to hear how she grew Urban Decay into the global beauty empire it is today through smart marketing tactics, ground-breaking formulas and iconic products. 

Coming up, you’ll hear: 

  • How Wende discovered a passion for makeup at an early age and how her partnership with Sandy Lerner would change the color cosmetics industry
  • The early days of Urban Decay, and how they marketed their new brand in a time before social media
  • How Wende first built her team, and her favorite interview question that helps her determine if someone is a good fit
  • The impact of covid 19 on her business and  and the acceleration of virtual try-ons
  • Her experience selling Urban Decay, and why she wishes she had predicted the bumps in the road that come with every transition
  • How getting acquired has helped Urban Decay reach the goal of becoming a global brand,
  • Balancing motherhood and building a business, and the mentors that have helped her along the way
  • A rapid fire Q&A and Finally, Wende shares how finding balance between life and work involves making constant tiny adjustments