In Conversation with Julia Hunter of Jenni Kayne

Describe Jenni Kayne in a few words? California based lifestyle brand. What made you decide to join Jenni Kayne? I joined when the company was still relatively small. I had always loved being part of startups because the challenges were so new and ever changing.  It was a risk to leave bigger companies in NYC…Read More

In Conversation with Rochelle Jacobs of Naturally Serious

Describe your business in a few words? Naturally Serious products are clinically clean and consciously formulated to be good for your skin, good for the environment and 100% cruelty-free. What made you take the leap to start your own business? Our goal in creating Naturally Serious was to take out the guesswork for other time-strapped…Read More

In Conversation with Andrea Kayal of Electric Ai

Can you describe Electric AI in a few words?  IT powers businesses, Electric powers IT. Traditionally IT support required a human being, but Electric provides IT support with technology. What was your background prior to joining Electric AI?  I am the CMO at Electric. I’ve been helping grow tech startups in NY for the last…Read More

In Conversation with Anne Huntington of The Huntington Learning Center

Can you describe your Entreprenista journey climbing the ranks at the Huntington Learning Center? As the active second-generation Huntington leading the company today, my journey to Huntington Learning Center’s President and Board Member has had its challenges and opportunities along the way. It was very important to join the family business with outside experience, which…Read More