Wrapping the Year With Courtney and Stephanie: Challenges and Wins of 2019, and the Exciting Year Ahead

Tune in this week for an extra special episode of The Entreprenista Podcast featuring our very own Stephanie Cartin and Courtney Spritzer. While reflecting on this past years challenges and wins, Stephanie and Courtney share how trusting their gut instinct and following their hearts when making important (and sometimes life-altering) decisions. made the year so…Read More

Kara Ross of Unleashed – Entertain, Educate, Inspire

When you’ve built a very successful business as a jewelry designer for more than 20 years, the natural move is to leave it all behind and start making documentary films celebrating and supporting female artisans and entrepreneurs through authentic storytelling, right? Kara Ross, renowned entrepreneur and award-winning fine jewelry designer and founder of Unleashed (a non…Read More

Heather Andersen of New York Pilates – Forever Forward

A case study on building a business empire-in-the-making, proving that creativity, hard work, determination, and research can transform a passion into a real business, why believing in your excellent product is crucial for growth, leveraging people around you to jump start your business, how the use of influencer marketing before it was a thing and…Read More

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson – From Lemonade to Fashion and Beauty

If you have any connection to the fashion or beauty industries you’ve most likely heard of Alexandra Wilkis Wilson at least of The GILT Group and Glamsquad. Her latest entrepreneurial success is Allergan’s Spotlyte, educating millions  on beauty and medical aesthetics. Alexandra shares her remarkable entrepreneurial journey—from a childhood lemonade stand to leading 1,000 employees,…Read More

The Socialfly Story

How it all started… Socialfly founders Stephane Cartin and Courtney Spritzer take a break from sharing the journeys of other female founders—and to share there own. Hear how they met, there first days as co-founders seven years ago, how and why things took off, the challenges and victories, how they’ve changed and grown, and biggest…Read More

Dani Beckerman of Jars by Dani – From Sharing to Selling

A desserts-in-a-jar business so successful that major fashion events have made them a must, and actually started on Instagram by a 22 year-old  founder without a formal business education who just wanted to share her love for baking… Dani Beckerman, Founder/CEO of Jars by Dani (layers of decadent desserts delivered in a simple fashion: a…Read More