Hi Gwen! How do you know when to go from part-time to full-time employees – is it about a revenue number? Something else?

Hi Mel,

Since I do not have any scope of your business, size or structure, I will answer this from the lens of a founder or partnership with a small but growing enterprise.

I am happy to advise with more/other details, of course.

In my experience and opinion, I was able to build a very skilled and dedicated team with interns, freelancers and consultants to grow and support my business.  My first intern became employee #1 and 17 years later remains an employee!  Freelancers and consultants allowed us to have more talent that was not affordable as a full time employee.  Full time employees certainly have huge value to grow a team and have trusted consistent workflow, however it is much more expensive. There is a huge cost premium for a full time employee-  taxes, insurance, vacation, leave policies, flexibility and most importantly, payroll obligation. 

My advice is to grow lean by utilizing using non-employee talent as long as possible until that structure is ultimately holding you back, and that you can afford the fixed cost for full time employees.

I hope this is helpful, I am rooting for you.

Entrepreneurially Yours,