This International Women’s Day, Entreprenista and Hershey India are Amplifying the Voices of Women Across the Globe, and Creating Community Among Them, #HerShe

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Join the movement and nominate women who inspire you #HerShe

Entreprenista, a media company and membership community dedicated to the advancement of women-led businesses, is proud to celebrate and empower women across the globe in partnership with Hershey India through their #HerShe campaign in celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8th).

The Hershey Company’s award-winning #HerShe campaign, which originated in Brazil in 2020, will transform its iconic Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar wrapper into a celebration of cultural female icons, or “Sheroes”, their accomplishments, and the impact these Sheroes have made in their communities. Leading up to International Women’s Day, March 8th 2022, Hershey India will feature admirable female figures on the front of their candy bar wrappers. In doing so, Hershey India aims to provide an additional platform for the outspoken women in all of us, amplifying the voices behind our unique stories and experiences.

The campaign strives to celebrate inspiring stories of Sheroes in our society, who have displayed excellence by either taking the path less traveled or by simply creating a positive impact on people around them. Our idea is to bring alive galvanizing stories by making the ‘invisible visible’!” says Geetika Mehta, Managing Director, Hershey India.

You can Join the #HerShe movement by dedicating a social media post to honor a woman who has made a difference in your life, ‘Your Shero’ in the packs on this page. Be authentic and nominate someone you know personally who truly inspires you. You simply pick a pack of six custom illustrations, upload the name and photo of the woman you are nominating, and a dedicated message to her. Share the template on social media and encourage others to participate. Together we will help give all women a voice and empower and inspire women across the globe! Join the #HerShe movement!

This year, Hershey India’s commemorative packs celebrate Six Sheroes from different walks of life and their inspiring stories. Read on to see some of the amazing women Hershey and Entreprenista are celebrating for this year’s campaign.

Rukmini Vijayakumar: Indian Bharatnatyam Choreographer | Artistic director of Raadha Kalpa dance company

World-class Bharatnatyam Performer & Choreographer, Rukmini founded The Raadha Kalpa Method, a pedagogical system of Bharatanatyam that is based on the idea of neutrality. The method cultivates physical precision and imaginative prowess in students. Her dance productions have toured all over the world and she has been appreciated for her creative approach to Bharatanatyam choreography!

Sandhya Hai: India’s Top Rugby Player – She has officially been named as “ASIA RUGBY”

Sandhya is India’s Unstoppable – part of Asia Rugby’s campaign to promote women’s rugby. One of only 15 women selected from across the whole of Asia and representing the unstoppable rugby players of India. Sandhya overcame massive challenges to reach the position where she is today. Sandhya has just graduated with a degree in sports management, the first from her family to earn a degree. Her mission is to encourage more women to take up sports,

Dr. Falguni Vasavada: TEDx Speaker | Body Positivity Advocate

Dr. Falguni is a body positivity and gender equality advocate and an eloquent professor, TEDx Speaker and a double gold medallist who has been teaching Strategic Marketing for 25 years. Taking pride in calling herself a Happy Person, her motto of life is – “make the best of whatever you have. Appreciate the positives and live life to the fullest!”

Pooja Taparia: Founder and Chief Executive of Arpan & champions Children’s Rights

A relentless warrior against Child Sexual Abuse, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of ‘Arpan’, Pooja has impacted millions of children and adults pan India towards fulfilling her vision of building a World Free from Child Sexual Abuse. She embodies the spirit of the modern-day social entrepreneur and has created innovative and effective models that work at scale with a range of stakeholders so that they can prevent Child Sexual Abuse and help heal children who’ve experienced it with counseling and appropriate intervention. To learn more, visit

Dhvani Kothari: The First and the Only International Award-Winning Indian ballerina

ballerina and has represented our country in the field of ballet in over 10 countries. She started late but worked doubly hard to fight the self doubt, injuries and societal questions to turn her dreams into reality. She is a graduate under the Russian ballet system and aims to make ballet inclusive in India. National Ballet School of India is her bit in making ballet education a reality and it has successfully been putting India on the World Ballet Map.

Aishwarya Sridhar: First Indian Woman To Win Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Award

t Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the youngest awardee of Sanctuary Asia’s “Young Naturalist Award”. She aspires to become an international TV presenter and filmmaker telling impactful stories that will empower the youth to speak up for the protection of the environment.

On IWD, Tuesday March 8th at 9:30pm IST, Entreprenista and Hershey’s International will host a live virtual event, where women from around the world can gather, connect, share experiences, and showcase their talents! Entreprenista will bring together successful and innovative women to showcase their talents in a variety of industries to discuss Gender Equality and how Gender balance is not solely a women’s issue, but also an economic issue. We will close out the event with a live virtual performance of “I am a Girl” by Singer/Songwriter, Tennille Amor. Register here!

Entreprenista and The Hershey Company are placing unity, togetherness, and connectedness at the forefront of HerShe’s mission to “make the invisible woman visible.” As The Hershey Company’s female-run values rank #1 on Forbes list and Entreprenista’s dedication to spotlight incredible women across the globe remains stronger than ever before, both companies foster an unparalleled domain to promote global gender equality.

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