The Best Gifts For Babies & Kids (That Won’t Annoy Mama, Either!)

From holiday-flavored baby food to play sofas, treat your little ones (and yourself) to a different gift approach this holiday season.

As a mom, you look forward to shopping for everyone, sure. But your favorite people to buy (endless) gifts for are the tiny humans you love dearly. And even if you’re not a parent but a beloved auntie or godmother, there’s something special about watching the holiday magic light up in children’s eyes. However, you also want to be kind to, ahem, your ears and not give a kiddo a (very loud) drum set. Instead, you probably look for handcrafted wonders, organic everything, and sneaky ways to educate during play. 

Look no longer because our selections ditch the flashing lights and loud sounds and offer a different approach to gift giving that is a present for the parents, too. From kid clothes rental services to elite-level baby monitors, you’re sure to find something

Stylette Kid Clothes Rental Membership

Kids grow fast and play hard, so stop investing in pricey clothing as presents this year and take a different approach. With Stylette, you can give the gift of renting kidswear. Shopping has never been simpler or more seamless with rapid delivery, pre-paid return shipping and complimentary cleaning service (okay, this may be a present for mom and dad, too). But with Stylette memberships for $29 a year, you can’t beat it! 

Use code ENTREPRENISTA20 for 20% off of any rental.

Colorfull Plate

Liven up mealtime for your kiddos with dinnerware designed with their interests in mind. Colorfull Plate features diverse characters that illustrate children as astronauts and other things they dream about becoming. Add adventure to mealtime and even personalize these magical plates with their name. 

Use code Flash20 for 20% off.

Beaus and Babes Rainbow Baby Organic Outfit 

It’s no secret new moms want only the best for their babies. That’s why Beaus and Babes clothing is organic and buttery soft. For those welcoming a rainbow baby this year, check out these timeless neutral onesies to mark their meaningful place in the world. 

Use code ENTREPRENISTA20 for a 20% discount. 

Spouse-ly Finger Puppets

Ditch the loud and overpriced flashy toys this year and spark the imagination of the little ones in your life. With these handmade, 100% felt finger puppets from Spouse-ly, kids will explore their creativity, hone their fine motor skills and develop their verbal skills. The best part? It also fits adult fingers so that everyone can take turns. Pack it in your purse or diaper bag, and you’ve got the perfect toy on the go for any situation. 

Use code ENTREPRENISTA20 through January 1, 2023, for a 20% discount.

Coco Beans Nightgown

Why limit yourself to holiday pajamas as a present when you can gift something they’ll love year round? Coco Beans just released their new pajama collection of super-soft, bamboo-blend nightgowns that feature comfortable flutter sleeves and elastic stretch necklines for an easy fit. Plus, kids love the prints! Available in sizes 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T and 6/7.  

Use code ENTREPRENISTA15 for 15% off jammies thru December 31. 

Wee Rock Babies Shirts

Give a gift that incorporates a lesson in charity for kids. Wee Macree Babies designs fun shirts that also give 40% of the proceeds to partner nonprofits supporting children in need — including NICU babies that can’t or won’t go home this holiday season. Teach the kiddos in your life about giving back while also gifting them a shirt they’ll love to wear because they can feel good about what it represents.

Use code ENTREPRENISTA20 For 20% off.

Little Creatives Play Sofa

Get a sofa the whole family can enjoy with the Play Sofa by Little Creatives. Aesthetically pleasing and versatile for imaginative play and fort building, it’s soft and safe for all ages. It’s also strong enough for adults to comfortably sit on, making it adaptable to every stage of life, from babies to teens.  

Use the code ENTREPRENISTA100 for $100 off the Play Sofa between November 25 to December 2.

Nanit Best-Sellers Baby Monitor Bundle

The holidays may be about peace on Earth and goodwill toward humanity, but for new parents, peace of mind at night is the greatest gift. The Nanit Best-Sellers Bundle is the perfect gift for babies this season, setting the whole family up for better sleep. 

The bundle includes the Pro Camera, monitor, choice of wall mount or floor stand, small sensor-free Breathing Band (0-3 months), Flex Stand for portability, a travel case to protect your Pro Camera + Flex Stand in the diaper bags, and more.  

Navigating Nurturing Touch Baby Massage Online

Fussy babies are difficult any day of the year. Give babies and their exhausted parents some relief with the gift of learning how to give a baby massage. Navigating Nurturing Touch is an on-demand online infant massage and communication course that helps caregivers learn to communicate with their baby. You will form a stronger bond while enjoying daily activities that increase oxytocin and can help boost brain development, decrease gas and teething pain, and so much more.

Use code GG15 to receive 15% off Navigating Nurturing Touch and other online programs.

Little Spoon Holiday Flavor Baby Food

Don’t leave the baby out of the festivities this holiday season just because she has no teeth. Little Spoon has created a limited-edition line of Baby Blends in holiday flavors, including Holiday Nog, Gingerbread Cookie, Sweet Potato and Zucchini Latkes. Now the baby can celebrate alongside the whole family with these unique eats. 

Use code ENTVIP for 50% off your first order through 11/28.

Sleep No More Dude Onesie 

Why give babies practical clothes when you can give their parents a good chuckle? This Sleep No More Dude organic bodysuit from JustShoesForKids features the faces of Mr. T and Chuck Norris to give new parents a good laugh through their sleep-deprived days. It’s also 100% organic cotton and uses eco-friendly ink, so it’s good for babies, too!  

Use code ENTRE20 for 20% off anything at 

Aaron and Otto Custom Jean Jacket 

The cool kids look even more amazing with this stylish statement piece. These custom jean jackets are designed to fit little ones as young as three months old. Each piece is handmade to order with patches and vinyl that you can design and dream up yourself to make it a truly unique gift.

Use code ENTREPRENISTA15 for 15% off.

Beckon Lactose-Free Ice Cream

All kiddos want ice cream, but for those who are lactose-sensitive or intolerant, they may miss out on the frozen fun. Beckon is real ice cream made with fresh milk and cream with the added lactase enzyme to aid digestion. Beckon is the perfect pairing for any holiday dessert for ice cream lovers of all ages and lactose digestion abilities. 

Receive a $2 off coupon for Beckon Lactose-free ice cream. 

The Markid App

Remember, gifts don’t have to be brand new to be wonderful. If you’re in the market for some new kiddo clothes or toys (they just don’t stop growing!), shop on the Markid app where you can buy and sell gently used items. From toys and games to rompers and more, there’s something for every little one on your list.

Don’t Forget Mom!

Sure, you want the best gifts for your kiddos, but don’t forget yourself and the other powerhouse women in your life. Give the gift of camaraderie and epic levels of support with an Entreprenista League membership. 

The Entreprenista League takes the stress out of networking while providing access to virtual events guaranteed to lead to meaningful business connections from mentors to potential investors and even future employees or friends. 

Gift a 1-year membership to your favorite women founder here. Or to gift yourself a membership here.

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