Hripsime and Colina Demirdjian of The Moji Edit and ScreenKit apps on launching a tech company without a tech background, and reaching half a million downloads after the first month

Describe your business in a few words? Hripsime and Colina Demirdjian are tech entrepreneurs with over 10 million users and engage audiences globally. The Aussie twins and tech entrepreneurs co-founded The Moji Edit app, the largest personal avatar emoji platform in the App Store and, most recently, ScreenKit app, built with the iOS 14 release…Read More

Cooper Harris reveals why she left her acting career to create the groundbreaking advertising platform Klickly

Describe your business in a few words? Klickly is an invite-only customer-acquisition engine for brands –– we allow brands to leverage our proprietary data to advertise the right product to the right consumers across 25 million+ online destinations, with zero upfront spend. I like to call Klickly a “Commerce Engine.” We’re a full-funnel “advertising-meets-ecommerce” platform…Read More

Terri Pauline Smith on building Wake Jamaica, medicinal mushrooms, and making a difference that matters

Describe your business in a few words? Wake is an intersection between smart tech and fungi medicine. Wake offers medicinal mushroom supplements and legal psilocybin assisted clinical immersion experiences in Jamaica. This therapeutic experience provides deep healing, clarity, and direction. What made you take the leap to start your own business? There were several moments…Read More

How Sarah Boland used her marketing experience to create Life Lapse, an easy, affordable way to create high-quality stop motion videos for social media

Sarah Boland launched tech company Life Lapse with no tech experience, and fast forward to today, has simplified the video creation process for almost 2 million people in over 180 countries. Keep reading to learn all about how she did it! Describe your business in a few words? Life Lapse is a stop motion app…Read More

How Madison Semarjian combined her interests in tech and fashion to create Mada, the first highly personalized shopping app for women

Madison Semarjian sits down with us to talk about the inspiration behind Mada, her app which combines AI and machine learning to recommend new outfits, and why she believes “slow and steady” wins the race. Describe your business in a few words? Often referred to as the ‘Tinder for Outfits’ the Mada app melds artificial…Read More

In Conversation with Ashlee Ammons of Mixtroz

Describe your business in a few words? Mixtroz is a tool used where 50+ gather to increase engagement and collect useful data.  Think of Zoom or the event space as the dress and Mixtroz the Spanx to give the event shape! What made you take the leap to start your own business? We (My Mom/Cofounder…Read More

In Conversation with Jessica Naziri of TechSesh

Describe your business in a few words? I’m an on-air tech expert, blogger, influencer, and a technology and digital media entrepreneur and founder of TechSesh, a community and sisterhood for young women in tech. My mission is to help create and endorse a growing number of female role models, advocate a more equal gender ratio,…Read More

In Conversation with Cheryl Ingram of Inclusology and Diverse City

Describe your business in a few words? Inclusology is a tech company and Diverse City is a consulting firm. Inclusology is a powerful SaaS platform using demographic data to conduct DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) assessments to analyze, report, benchmark, and recommend solutions for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The company produces/provides the following products/services:…Read More