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Word-of-Mom: The Power of a Grassroots Approach in Building Brand Love with Sandra Abdallah-Kohn of MAM Baby

November 24, 2021

Sandra Abdallah-Kohn is the CEO of MAM Baby, an organization dedicated to providing babies with the best start in life while making parents’ lives easier. Sandy brings more than 20 years of senior management expertise from working with several brands prior to MAM Baby. One of these brands is L’Oreal, where she worked for almost 15 years and served as Vice President for Business Development and Ecommerce and Multi-Channel before moving on to become the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Centric Brands in 2018.

Sandy joins us today to discuss how MAM Baby is leading the baby category revolution by making the consumer journey easier. She explains how MAM Baby is striving to give the category a “makeover” and build a community around their products. She shares why she trusts intuition in business and what it’s like to navigate the day-to-day of a CEO. She also reveals three ways to shift your organization’s culture for the better and her advice on breaking into a consumer product category for the first time.

“The number one source of information for moms is other moms. It requires a grassroots approach, and connecting authentically can refer your products to other moms.” – Sandra Abdallah-Kohn

This week’s takeaways from Entreprenista:

  • Sandy’s career journey, from selling a cigarette brand and working at L’Oreal to becoming the CEO of MAM Baby
  • Why Sandy focused on people and culture on her first few days as the CEO of MAM Baby
  • What surprised Sandy about the baby category
  • What she learned from working at L’Oreal about being authentic at the workplace
  • Sandy’s advice on changing the culture of an organization
  • The value of a grassroots marketing approach and building brand love
  • Why Sandy dislikes the CEO title
  • How Sandy evaluates job applicants to see if they’re a culture fit
  • MAM Baby’s “Path to Parenthood” campaign
  • The rigorous process MAM Baby products go under to ensure safety and quality
  • MAM Baby’s market research efforts and how to break into a new consumer product category
  • The power of “word-of-mom” and Sandy’s insight on reaching out and connecting with mom consumers
  • Why mom influencers on social media are powerful for marketing efforts
  • The reason Sandy believes in work/life “flow” and not “balance”
  • Building trust and connection with your team while working remotely
  • What being an Entreprenista means for Sandy

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “The baby category needs a remodel. It’s hard for a mom to figure out what she needs, and we need to help her decide better.” – Sandra Abdallah-Kohn
  • “It takes every person to drive change; you need to articulate the mission of the organization and lead by example.” – Sandra Abdallah-Kohn
  • “The future of ads is influencer content—it’s so much more authentic.” – Sandra Abdallah-Kohn

Connect with Sandra Abdallah-Kohn:

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