Turning Passion into Product with Kimmy Scotti of Fig.1 and 8VC

August 15, 2022

Have you ever wanted to detach time from money? You may have wanted something more than an hourly job. But maybe you thought ‘I’m too young’ or ‘I’m too old’ or ‘I’m too [fill-in-the-blank.]’ For Kimmy Scotti, she didn’t let her age stop her from accomplishing what she wanted. She pounded the pavement and figured out how she could get to where she wanted to go. 

This week’s guest, Kimmy Scotti, is a life-long entrepreneur and business owner. After starting her first business at 15, Mimz New York, Kimmy went on to become a founding member of 8VC, a venture capitalist group. In the last few years, Kimmy has put her focus on co-founding Fig.1, a revolutionary skincare line. In this episode, Kimmy shares how she got started, her biggest passions, how she juggles her life and work, and so much more. 

“When we talk about the mission of Fig.1, it’s to democratize access to healthy skin. And if you’re going to democratize something, you better believe that Walmart is where it’s gonna be.” – Kimmy Scotti

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This week’s takeaways from Entreprenista:

  • Kimmy shares how her entrepreneur journey started at age 15 (4:21)
  • How Kimmy juggles her time between family and business [this is a good tip] (10:10)
  • Kimmy discusses what industries excite her as a venture capitalist (17:23)
  • Why Kimmy co-founded Fig.1 (18:33)
  • Kimmy shares the marketing strategy for Fig.1 (33:53)
  • Kimmy gives tips to get your product into retailers (38:21)
  • Rapid fire questions round (44:26)
  • Kimmy shares what being an entreprenista means to her (53:13)

Resources Mentioned:

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “There’s this kind of tone that talks down to the consumer, who were mainly women, right? And I don’t believe in that.” – Kimmy Scotti
  • “I think post-having kids and I’m like ‘look at them.’ It’s an entirely different thing and it’s just about being happy every day.” – Kimmy Scotti on what success means to her
  • “When I look back at my career path, it’s not like oh, every step was chosen perfectly. They were messy steps. There were backward steps. And there were dance steps. There were, like, real steps in there. But all of them were kind of moving me towards where I am now. ” – Kimmy Scotti

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