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The Intersection of Community, Commerce, & Culture with Amanda Goetz of House of Wise

September 10, 2021

The Intersection of Community, Commerce, & Culture with Amanda Goetz of House of Wise

First generation college grad Amanda Goetz is paving the way for Entreprenistas, taking what she calls the “untraditional path.”  Prior to launching her CBD brand House of Wise, Amanda learned operational excellence overseeing brand and product marketing as the Vice President of Marketing at The Knot.

With personal hardships and rising anxiety, Amanda realized that alcohol was no longer serving her, so she turned to cannabis. She quickly recognized that there were no CBD brands that spoke to her and the industry lacked transparency, so she set out to change that in launching HOUSE OF WISE.

Amanda now leads her company in offering impactful solutions to modern women, helping them reclaim some of their most important lifestyle routines and needs.  You’re about to hear why Amanda believes in embracing every part of your sleep, sex, and stress life.

Key takeaways this week:

  • Amanda shares how watching her father build his company as an entrepreneur showed her what it meant to be a business owner and a parent

  • Why conversational breadcrumbs are the realistic path to transforming an idea into a business

  • The importance of founder mental health and choosing the right people to work with

  • How House of Wise is empowering women to embrace their multi-hyphenate selves

  • Amandas best tips for a successful fundraise

  • Why creating a community around your brand is the best launch strategy

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