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Staying True to Yourself with Julie Rice of Inner Beauty

March 8, 2021

Staying True to Yourself with Julie Rice of Inner Beauty

When Julie Rice was faced with a life-altering health diagnosis just 5 days before her wedding, her life was transformed and she decided to launch Inner Beauty, a clean cosmetics brand free of harmful chemicals. You’re about to hear how Julie went from working at a makeup counter to growing Inner Beauty and getting her brand into the retailer of her dreams!

Coming up, you’ll hear:

  • How her passion for makeup began as a teenager, when when she discovered the Clinique counter at Nordstrom.
  • Her career journey going from working at a makeup counter to packaging, and finally product development.
  • How her experience being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis led to her desire to create a cosmetics line that was free of harmful ingredients.
  • Julie shares key advice for listeners who want to start a beauty business.
  • Exclusive news Julie is really excited to share! 
  • Julie’s best tips on how to get your brand into a big retailer.
  • How Julie is adapting to changes over the past year which involves being there for her family while running her business.
  • The biggest lesson Julie has learned over the years, and how she manages her chronic illness with her busy Entreprenista lifestyle.

To learn more about Inner Beauty and the benefits of cleaning up your beauty routine, check out this post!

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