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Startups and Small Moments with Abigail Cook Stone

December 14, 2020

Startups and Small Moments with Abigail Cook Stone

“The extra verve of the added touch.”

In other words, the art of living well – a value that Abigail Cook Stone’s mother passed down to her, and that informs all aspects of Otherland – a lifestyle candle brand with a strong focus on art and storytelling. Growing up, Abigail cultivated a love for candles and the power they had in setting a mood, but she was always frustrated by the price tag. When she launched Otherland, she wanted to offer a candle experience that was elevated and aesthetically pleasing, without breaking the bank.

In this episode you will hear how Abigail worked with a  branding studio to make her dream a reality, and her early days of raising capital. Fast forward to today, Abigail shares stories from this past (unprecedented) year, including how her customers started gravitating towards nostalgic scents (think holiday-inspired candles in April!), and how she has expanded her community by hosting weekly Instagram Live shows. Abigail also gives us tips on how to make the most of your space during lockdown by creating an ambiance on weekends and switching it up! 

Coming up, you’ll hear:

  • Abigail’s early love for upscale candles, but her frustration at the steep price tags
  • The early days as an art buyer for Ralph Lauren, and how she chose to get her MBA at Columbia to pivot her career
  • How Abigail learned to make candles in her apartment, and a long summer of hustle trying to raise capital for her brand
  • Her experience working with Red Antler, and how they turned her dreams into a reality
  • The origins of “the extra verve of the added touch”, and how this informs everything Otherland represents today
  • How COVID-19 has impacted her brand, and her decision to release nostalgic holiday scents in the spring of 2020
  • Abigail’s best tips on making the most of your space, and setting different ambiances for different times of the week
  • Her key work/life balance advice, which includes taking time for exercise, therapy, and meditation
  • And finally, for all you New York listeners: Abigail shares where you can get the best croissant in the city!