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Print-On-Demand Company Merchandise with Amanda Hofman of Go To Market

September 20, 2022

After Amanda Hofman sold her first business (at 38 weeks pregnant!), she took some time off to focus solely on being a mom. When she decided to get back in the game, she thought about how to modernize the one thing every company needs–merchandise. And thus, Go To Market was born. 

In this week’s episode, we talk with Amanda Hofman, co-founder of Go To Market, a print-on-demand company that designs branded merchandise for businesses, entreprenistas, and everyone in between. She shares with us the lessons she’s learned from having multiple businesses, how to sell your company, how to decide if a co-founder is right for you, and so much more. 

“We really think about the clients and the brands that we’re working with. And we translate it into branded merchandise so that they have beautiful items that their customers, fans, partners, and employees really want to wear and are excited about.” – Amanda Hofman

This week on Startups in Stilettos:

  • Amanda talks about her background and how it led her to start Go To Market (3:19)
  • Amanda shares tips and lessons that she learned with her first business (5:42)
  • How to sell your business (7:21)
  • Amanda shares super helpful networking tips (9:45)
  • Amanda gives advice about having a co-founder (15:13)
  • Amanda, Jessica, and Stephanie talk about taking a business to the next level (18:02)

Resources Mentioned:

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “I don’t want a passion project that I hope makes money, I want a money-making project that I am passionate about.” – Amanda Hofman
  • “In my career, I’ve always said yes to conversations, I’ve said yes to opportunities, not knowing what the outcome would be. And it’s led me in that openness has led me into good paths and good directions.” – Amanda Hofman
  • “If you don’t have the right partner, you can do it on your own.” – Amanda Hofman

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