Play and Put Away with Tracy Nicodemo of Shop Little Creatives

June 14, 2022

Tracy Nicodemo is a small business owner whose experience of being a new mom helped inspire the birth of her business, Little Creatives. Tracy graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor of applied science in interior architecture before completing an associate’s degree in fashion/apparel design. Tracy’s impressive background in interiors and fashion was what helped her to start Little Creatives in 2020.

On this episode, Tracy speaks to us about her journey to becoming a small business owner, how it’s changed her life, and what tools she’s used to build her success. 

“We’ve created these businesses because there was a need for us and we didn’t lose our identity, we added our son to it.” – Tracy Nicodemo

This week on Startups in Stilettos:

  • Tracy’s inspiration behind her business (1:20)
  • How Tracy identified manufacturers for her products (3:50)
  • What Tracy recommends for all small business owners (5:47)
  • How Tracy has gained perspective from looking back on her business journey (8:56)
  • Tools and solutions Tracy has for small business owners (10:27)
  • Stephanie’s tips on building a community around your business (15:10)
  • Jessica’s advice on hiring publicists (17:43)

Resources Mentioned:

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “I’m a solo entrepreneur,  it’s hard to keep going every day. You’re like, ‘oh, I can push that to tomorrow’. But if you’re having a meeting with someone, then it holds you accountable. Right?” – Tracy Nicodemo
  • “Everyone, no matter how big or little, everyone has something that they can, that you can, pick someone’s brain on.” – Tracy Nicodemo
  • “We’ve created these businesses because there was a need for us, and we didn’t lose our identity, we added our son to it.” – Tracy Nicodemo

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