Bethany Bruan-Silva

Passion and Parenting with Bethany Braun-Silva of What to Expect

April 26, 2021

Passion and Parenting with Bethany Braun-Silva of What to Expect

Bethany Braun-Silva’s first pregnancy inspired her to kick off her writing career in the parenting space, and she quickly realized she had unique stories and content to share with parents across the country. From being the editor of to more recently leading strategy at What To Expect, Bethany’s career story is full of perseverance, grit and positive thinking. You’re about to hear how Bethany climbed the ranks throughout the years, and the different ways 2020 encouraged her to slow down and find balance.

Key takeaways this week include:

How Bethany made her mark in the media industry, and some stories from her early days.

How the pandemic impacted her role at, and what she learned in the process.

Bethany shares her proudest moment from the past year, and why she is approaching 2021 with a different attitude.

Her learnings that  When something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

The importance of carving out time to pursue your passions outside of work.

How Bethany is positioning herself as a thought leader on Clubhouse, and how you can get started too!

The value of raising your kids as they are, rather that as you want them to be.

And finally, why you should always go after what drives you!