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Partnerships and Blowouts with Alli Webb of Drybar

May 3, 2021

Partnerships and Blowouts with Alli Webb of Drybar

Alli Webb kicked off her Entreprenista journey when she took a thriving mobile blowout business she had launched as a side hustle and turned it into the Drybar empire we all know today. And she didn’t stop there! You’re about to hear not only the inspiring story of how Alli made luxurious blowouts accessible to all, but also the story behind her two latest ventures: Squeeze, a disruptive massage salon chain, and Beckett & Quill, a DTC jewelry brand that offers high-end designs and materials at an affordable price.

Key takeaways this week include:

The early days of Drybar, and how Alli first started her mobile blowout business to solve a personal struggle

Partnering with her brother for both Drybar and Squeeze, and the best tips for working with family

Managing the explosive growth of Drybar, and the process of starting a second business

The story behind Beckett & Quill, and how they are disrupting the space

The secret sauce behind successful partnerships

The importance of leading with kindness, and fostering an environment where your team feels empowered