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Making the Best Day with Robyn Mermelstein

December 7, 2020

Making the Best Day with Robyn Mermelstein

Intraprenista Robyn Mermelstein has held a number of exciting high level marketing positions at companies such as Bliss, Jurlique, The Hain Celestial Group, Babyganics, and most recently becoming the Head of Marketing at PM Pediatrics. What is the secret to her success? In her words, it is the attitude she brings to the job, and her ability to inspire and lead teams.

In this episode, you will learn how Robyn has climbed the corporate ladder over the years (while becoming a mom of two!) and the crucial lessons she has learned about work/life balance, the importance of working at a company whose mission aligns with yours over a bigger paycheck, and how to define your superpower and surround yourself with people who have balancing traits. We also dive into her experience being at PM Pediatrics this year and having to pivot an entire marketing strategy to best suit her patients’ needs. 

Coming up, you’ll hear:

  • About how she started her career in PR before quickly realizing she wanted to see the whole picture of a brand, and deciding to pursue marketing
  • Her early years working at beauty and luxury brands, before her pivot to baby products after the birth of her first child
  • A tragic loss at Babyganics, which led to the most difficult transition in Robyn’s life
  • How Robyn’s positive attitude and innate leadership skills have led her to success
  • The key pillars of “Robyn’s Way of Working” – and why you should use this method too!
  • How a personal experience led her to taking the Head of Marketing position at PM Pediatrics
  • How Robyn had to pivot their marketing strategy earlier this year when people became afraid of going to the doctor
  • Robyn’s best tips to effectively lead a meeting over Zoom
  • How Robyn stays grounded by focusing on her family and community