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Living Your Best Life with Michelle Cordeiro Grant

February 11, 2021

Living Your Best Life with Michelle Cordeiro Grant

After climbing the corporate ladder at Victoria’s Secret, Michelle Cordeiro Grant realized that there was room to build a whole new conversation around lingerie – one that put the community first and tapped into the power of social media. After gaining 90,000 email subscribers overnight through a viral refer a friend campaign, Michelle launched Lively and the rest is history! You’re about to hear how Michelle built a community-first brand from the ground up, including her emotional experience selling Lively back in 2019, and more recent insights into how they pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Coming up, you’ll hear:

  • How Michelle first fell in love with lingerie, and her experience climbing the corporate ladder at Victoria’s Secret
  • Realizing that there was room to build a new conversation about lingerie that put the social community first
  • The essential questions she asked herself before launching Lively, including acknowledging the things she didn’t know, and defining her level of risk tolerance
  • Her experience taking her first investment from her manufacturer, and what it allowed her to do
  • Why being a mother gave her the strength to keep going, and the realization that “if she can create a human, she can create a company”
  • Lively’s viral “refer a friend” campaign that garnered 90,000 email subscribers overnight, before the product was even manufactured
  • Her biggest learning from the launch of Lively, which is that community should always be put first
  • The biggest manufacturing mistake they ever made, and how she was able to solve it
  • How Lively has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and her pivot from swimwear to loungewear back in March of 2020
  • Michelle’s experience selling her business, both logistically and emotionally, and why she knew she had found the right partner
  • How Michelle’s day looks like when she isn’t working, and why her biggest goal for 2021 is to find a new equilibrium that prioritizes both her family and work
  • And finally, why her team is the most important part of her business, and the value of investing in the people that surround you