Leading New Professionals with Allie Danziger of Ampersand

July 18, 2022

Picture this – you’re a new graduate, hoping to follow your dreams and land your dream job, but in the midst of all your anticipation and excitement, a recession hits. How would you handle this sort of setback? This episode’s guest, Allie Danzinger, experienced just this when she graduated right before the 2008 real estate market crash. 

Allie Danziger graduated from the University of Texas with a career in public relations before venturing out to New York to start her promising career. Since then, her journey has evolved from working in a small, boutique PR firm, to owning her own PR agency, and finally to starting her newest business, Ampersand Professionals. In this episode, Allie walks us through that journey and shares some valuable advice on lessons she’s learnt along the way. She talks to us about the thought processes behind some of the important decisions she’s made and how they’ve led to her success as a businesswoman and entrepreneur.

“Be in that moment, as much as possible and as best as possible. And when it’s great, experience that and be grateful for that. But don’t live for those moments too much.” – Allie Danziger

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This week’s takeaways from Entreprenista:

  • What it was that made Allie realize she had an entrepreneurial spirit (4:04)
  • Allie’s college experience and first PR job in New York (4:50)
  • How Allie started the social media department at this new job and caught the entrepreneurial bug (7:32)
  • The beginning stages of Allie’s entrepreneurial career (9:38)
  • Why Allie decided to sell her PR agency (12:43)
  • How Allie’s new business, Ampersand Professionals, started (19:28)
  • Allie’s fundraising experience for her new business (28:19)
  • Allie’s tips for running a business in a recession (37:03)

Resources Mentioned:

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “I love helping other people become the best versions of themselves.” – Allie Danziger
  • “I think having those past experiences both helped me with what to do and not be as nervous. I can move faster through new challenges because, most of the time, I’ve been there before.” – Allie Danziger
  • “I just had the great fortune and opportunity to connect with people who gave me a chance from a very, very young, early age.” – Allie Danziger

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