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Launching and Scaling Your Business Idea with Monica Fullerton of Spouse-ly

May 17, 2022

Monica Fullerton is the Founder and CEO of Spouse-ly, a central hub for driving support for entrepreneurs in the military and first responders community. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Multi-Media Journalism and a Master of Business Administration and Marketing from Lynn University. As an Air Force spouse, twin mom, and entrepreneur, Monica wanted to strive for a greater purpose with her business idea. She has been named a trailblazer in Tech by Military Spouse Magazine, Forbes Next 1000 List, and one of the MIGHTY 25 most influential leaders supporting the military community.

Today, Monica shares what inspired the idea behind Spouse-ly and how it helps members of the military and their families. She reveals how she found creators for her platform and critical learnings from initially testing her idea in a Facebook group. She highlights some of the big wins Spouse-ly has celebrated along the way and how networking and community has helped her business grow. We also explore how you can find the balance between raising brand awareness and sharing your mission and how to expand your team when bootstrapping your business.

“Just taking that first step of getting out there and getting in front of people that are your possible customers or vendors, whatever it might be, is the first step of pushing forward.”- Monica Fullerton

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This week on Startups in Stilettos:

  • What Spouse-ly is and what inspired the idea
  • How Monica built the foundation of her business and found creators
  • Key lessons Monica learned from testing her business idea in a Facebook group
  • The key thing Monica didn’t know about launching a business
  • Some of the big wins that Monica has celebrated along the way
  • How Monica invested in PR and outreach for her business
  • How networking and community helped Monica to share her story and mission
  • Finding the balance of sharing your core mission and raising brand awareness
  • How to scale your team when bootstrapping your business
  • Where Spouse-ly is headed and what Monica is excited about for her company

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “When you get people that are more entry-level, it also gives them an opportunity to truly grow and be a part of what you’re building from the ground up.” – Monica Fullerton
  • “It has to be something that you’re passionate about, something that you want to have part of your everyday life.” – Monica Fullerton
  • “Don’t be afraid to ask for help; we can’t all afford certain things at the different stages.” – Monica Fullerton

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