Launching a Mission-Driven Non-Profit Organization with Pamela Hirsch & Nicole Lawson of Baby Quest Foundation

April 11, 2022

Mother-daughter duo Pamela Hirsch and Nicole Lawson Co-Founded Baby Quest Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to granting financial assistance to those who cannot afford the high costs associated with alternative means of conception such as IVF, egg donation, and surrogacy. Nicole is also the Co-Owner of Abundant Beginnings, a surrogacy agency, where she provides both a personal and professional outlook for her clients around surrogacy.

Tune in to hear how these two incredible women are spreading hope and assistance to people hoping to start and grow a family.

Key takeaways this week:

  • Nicole shares her pregnancy journey and the inspiration for Co-Founding Abundant Beginnings
  • Pamela’s subsequent desire to launch BabyQuest and her passion for spreading hope
  • Pamela shares how she navigated fiscal responsibility during BabyQuest’s early stages
  • The importance of surrogacy access and education
  • And finally, how you can get involved in the amazing work that Nicole + Pamela are both doing

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Follow Abundant Beginnings on Instagram: @abcsurrogacy