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Innovating Accessible, Equitable, and Inclusive Tech for Women with Simmone Taitt of Poppy Seed Health

April 8, 2022

After 14 years working in tech startups like Gilt Group and SpaFinder, Simmone Taitt founded Poppy Seed Health, a company that is transforming the way we care for pregnant and postpartum people with 24/7 on demand access to doulas, midwives and nurses.  

Simmone experienced the gaps in emotional and mental support in maternal healthcare while navigating her own path to parenthood, and after suffering multiple miscarriages—with and without health insurance—she identified a better way forward.

Key takeaways this week:

  • Simmone shares how she was bit by the “building bug” early on in her career
  • The pivotal pregnancy loss journey that sparked the idea for Poppy Seed Health
  • How Poppy Seed Health solidified it’s welcoming name and branding
  • Simmone explains the differences between doulas, midwives, and nurses
  • And finally, fundraising tips and tricks that have helped Poppy Seed Health along the way

Connect with Simmone on LinkedIn: Simmone Taitt

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