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Growing a Business from the Ground with Marissa Saporta and Jennifer Bernstein

December 21, 2020

Growing a Business from the Ground with Marissa Saporta and Jennifer Bernstein

When Entreprenistas Marissa Saporta and Jennifer Bernstein met at a summer study program, they had no idea they would one day be joining forces one day and leading Gorilla Commerce together. After launching their first product Gorilla Grip, they realized they were onto something, and the rest is history. You’re about to hear the story of how they steadily grew their product development platform into an empire that specializes in launching the best in class home, pet and office products – now offering over 100 products across 8 different brands! They share the ins and outs of product development and launch, and how they determine what will be successful. They also tell us about their experience taking investment and how they knew it was the right decision for them. Finally, you will hear their best work/life balance tips and how this year has brought them a unique set of challenges, but also allowed them to thrive, keep scaling and hiring!

Coming up, you’ll hear:

  • Why they decided to take the leap and leave corporate American behind, and how they came up with their first product, Gorilla Grip
  • Why their biggest earlier lesson was learning to delegate in order to scale the business
  • How they broke up responsibilities when they realized they needed to divide and conquer
  • What it looks like to launch a product, and all the different phases of this process
  • Their experience receiving investment, and why they decided it was the right moment for this move
  • Their best tips for selling on Amazon
  • How Gorilla Commerce has been impacted by COVID-19, from logistical bumps to being in a rapid fire hiring mode
  • Why they ask all their interview candidates if they consider themselves to be more of a right side or left side of the brain person
  • Why big things come from big ideas, and the importance of building a business you know you can scale
  • How Marissa and Jenn approach work/life balance (hint: it involves a lot of quality family time!)
  • And finally, why all you really need to be successful is wifi and a dream.