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Getting Back Up with Hilary Coles of Hims & Her‪s‬

March 15, 2021

Getting Back Up with Hilary Coles of Hims & Her‪s‬

Hilary Coles launched Hims & Hers following a personal struggle with the healthcare system, and through her work has helped destigmatize physical and mental health issues. You’re about to hear how Hilary (who describes herself as risk-averse!), built two brands from the ground up and continues to make the experience of booking a doctor’s visit as accessible as possible across the country as telemedicine becomes the new norm. 

Coming up, you’ll hear:

  • How Hilary’s personal experiences in health care impacted her decision to launch Hims & Hers.
  • The magical experience of launching Hims, quickly followed by one of their biggest challenges.
  • Hilary shares her biggest piece of advice when it comes to making important decisions.
  • How Hims & Hers have pivoted over the past year to better meet their customers’ needs.
  • Hilary shares exclusive insights into an upcoming haircare collaboration.
  • And finally, Hilary tells us how she is staying grounded this year.