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From Actress to CEO with Cooper Harris of Klickly

June 4, 2021

From Actress to CEO with Cooper Harris of Klickly

From actress to tech CEO, Cooper Harris has forged a path unlike any other we have heard on the podcast. After her personal experience with online shopping led her to realize there had to be an easier way to purchase products in just a few clicks, she launched Klickly, a smart commerce-engine that powers impulse-payments online. Tune in to hear how Klickly is disrupting the ecommerce space, her best tips on fundraising, and so muchmore!

Key takeaways this week include:

  • How Cooper’s training as an actress prepared her to be CEO.
  • Cooper shares how her trailblazing grandmother has been an influential presence in her life.
  • Her best tips on raising venture capital, and why doing market research is essential.
  • Cooper tells us what she wishes she had done differently when she first started fundraising.
  • Finally she shares her experience and knowledge with biohacking, and how it has improved her life.