Fresh Food and Feminism with Riana Lynn

February 1, 2021

Fresh Food and Feminism with Riana Lynn

Riana Lynn’s mission is no small feat: to help companies get healthier and more biodiverse food to millions of people. You’re about to hear how with a decade of experience in the food and technology industry, Riana, founder of Journey Foods, is making an impact and working to be the best, most beautifully-designed food technology company in the world. 

Coming up, you’ll hear:

  • Riana’s experience launching her first business, Peeled Juice Bar, and how this kicked off her passion for food and technology
  • How she was inspired to start Journey Foods, and how her past ventures led her to this innovative concept
  • How her company was built with the mission of helping companies get better food to millions of people
  • How visualization and accountability are the first most important steps Riana takes when launching a new business
  • Riana shares some exciting projects she has in the pipeline
  • Her experience raising venture capital, and her best tips for staying organized and prioritizing a fundraising strategy
  • Why great companies are built around great culture, and how Riana manages to stay connected with her remote team
  • And finally, Riana shares the biggest mistake she has made in her entrepreneurial journey