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Flexibility and Resilience with Sashee Chandran

January 4, 2021

Flexibility and Resilience with Sashee Chandran

Tea was always a family affair for Sashee Chandran and growing up, she loved the social ritual of sharing a cup of tea with friends and family. It was only when she was working her first corporate job at Ebay that she realized how challenging it was to prepare loose leaf tea at her desk between meetings, and that is when the light bulb went off! Fast forward five years, Sashee is the founder of Tea Drops – an innovative company that offers fair trade, organic and loose leaf tea that works exactly like a bath bomb – all you have to do is drop it in hot water and enjoy! You’re about to hear how Sashee built her business from the ground up, 

Coming up, you’ll hear:

  • The impact Growing up with tea-loving parents made on Sashee  
  • How Sashee had an “aha moment” while working at Ebay, and when she realized she wanted to take the leap and start Tea Drops
  • Deciding to start a business instead of getting an MBA,
  • Facing hard truths in the beginning regarding how much packaging and manufacturing would add up to, and having to adapt her budget
  • Figuring out how to write a patent in order to protect her unique idea
  • How dedicating time to networking and entering pitch competitions led her to build a community and meet angel investors
  • The moment when she realized she needed to raise capital, and how she went about it
  • How Sashee got comfortable with taking capital and making a plan with it
  • How the brand has connected with their community over the past few years, turning the ritual of drinking tea into a community-centric activity
  • How COVID-19 impacted her company and team, and key learning that came from 2020
  • Sashee’s best remote working tips, and ways in which she stays connected with her team despite being far away
  • A recent lifestyle change, which involved downsizing her apartment and getting rid of anything that was not essential
  • Finally, Sashee’s best business tip – Just keep going!