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Democratizing Investing and Financial Wellness with Shauna Armitage of Odo

May 23, 2022

Shauna Armitage is the Co-founder of Odo, a fintech start-up that helps people safely grow their wealth. Shauna is a fractional marketing director who guides founders at all stages of growth in developing impactful marketing programs. Before co-founding Odo, Shauna served as the Director of Marketing for fitDEGREE and Director of Digital Media for The Modern Marketer by DPA. Shauna is also the creator and host of the Startup Renegades Podcast, a show where she interviews founders who have turned their ideas into thriving brands.

Shauna joins us today to tell the story of how she accidentally became an Entreprenista and recall the early lessons she learned from working at a marketing agency. She explains how being fired from her marketing agency job fueled her to start her own business. She describes how she eventually found her niche in marketing for early-stage start-ups and discusses how she finds clarity around which clients to take on. Shauna also highlights Odo’s mission to provide loss-protected investing to help women grow their wealth and underscores the value of being adaptable and persevering.

“Be adaptable and keep moving. If you don’t love the place where you currently are, you haven’t gotten there yet. Push through until you find your happy place.” – Shauna Armitage

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This week’s takeaways from Entreprenista:

  • Shauna’s background and how she accidentally became an Entreprenista
  • How freelancing led Shauna to the world of marketing
  • Her experience working with a marketing agency
  • The first steps Shauna took toward starting her own business
  • How Shauna priced her services and how long it took her to find her niche
  • The value of having a community for women entrepreneurs
  • The three reasons people avoid investing their money
  • The peloton for financial health and how Odo is democratizing investing
  • The process behind Odo’s waitlist and launch strategy
  • Shauna’s ideas on finding first adopters and brand advocates
  • Building a budget to run an initial test with your first wave of audience
  • What differentiates Odo from other financial wellness and investing platforms
  • How Odo is building a community for financial wellness
  • Shauna’s experience fundraising and the lessons she learned from it
  • Best practices for organizing fundraising processes

Resources Mentioned:

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Understanding whatever others have done before you can help in making smart business decisions.” – Shauna Armitage
  • “Money is scary to people. With money being taboo and the anxiety it causes to people, we try not to engage with it as a general rule.” – Shauna Armitage
  • “You can’t just spray and pray. You need to do the research to find investors who are investing in your round size, and who fit your business’s thesis.” – Shauna Armitage

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