Creating a New Product Category with Brea Fullerton of Shinery

March 4, 2022

Brea Fullerton is the Founder & CEO of Shinery, a luxury jewelry care brand that is good for you and your jewelry. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia and lives in Georgia Atlanta. After her engagement and being unable to find a jewelry cleaner without harsh chemicals or damaging effects on her skin, Brea launched Shinery. The company has a range of plant-based products that easily fit your daily beauty routine. 

Today, Brea shares the inspiration behind her business, Shinery, and how her previous work experience helped her navigate building a business. She shares the lessons she learned during the startup phase and how it felt when the company started gaining traction. She shares tips on launching a new product, creating a new product category, and what you need to bear in mind when working with a publicist. Brea shares why she decided to self-fund her business and the first retail stores to sell her products. She also shares how you can find the right person to get your products into retail stores and a method to approach them to build a successful partnership.

“When launching a new category, there’s no roadmap, so you have to wake up every day knowing that you’re going into uncharted territories, but the reward is worth the risk.”- Brea Fullerton

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This week on Startups in Stilettos:

  • The inspiration that led to Brea starting her business
  • How Brea’s career experience helped her when launching her business
  • The lessons she had to learn along the way in the startup phase
  • How it felt when Shinery started gaining traction in the market
  • Tips on launching a product in a new product category
  • What you need to consider when working with a publicist
  • The strategies Brea used for sending out samples to the press
  • Why Brea decided to bootstrap the business rather than use other funding sources 
  • What made Brea choose to work with wholesalers
  • The first retail stores Shinery got into and how it felt to get those orders
  • Finding the right person to get your product into retail stores and how to reach out to them
  • How to prepare for press interviews
  • What is next for Shinery

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “It’s OK that you don’t have the answers; you just have to put one foot in front of the other.” – Brea Fullerton
  • “Never underestimate the power of educating the consumer base and building that community.” – Brea Fullerton
  • “Don’t be afraid to email people when it’s their personal time, even though that’s like an invasion of privacy. That’s when you are probably going to get responded to.” – Brea Fullerton

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