Cindy Gallop by Kevin Abosch

Building a World-Changing Startup with Cindy Gallop

July 9, 2021

Building a World-Changing Startup with Cindy Gallop

After a successful career in advertising working for some of the world’s biggest agencies, Cindy Gallop realized she wanted to make a bigger impact, while living her values. She launched MakeLoveNotPorn – a ground-breaking adult video streaming platform and with a viral TED talk, quickly received global acclaim. You’re about to hear how Cindy is creating the “safest place on the internet”, and combatting rape culture one video at a time.

Key takeaways this week include:

  • What inspired Cindy Gallop to launch MakeLoveNotPorn, and the mission that drives her.
  • How Cindy is helping people around the world talk openly about sex.
  • Cindy’s challenges raising venture capital and securing advertisers.
  • Why she is all about the “no hour workweek”, and doesn’t make a difference between work and fun.
  • Why women need champions instead of mentors.