Building a Data-Driven Brand with Rachel Sanders of Rootine

January 14, 2022

Building a Data-Driven Brand with Rachel Sanders of Rootine

Rachel Sanders started her career in investment banking focused on the healthcare sector. During her role as an analyst, she felt her career start to plateau, so she decided to go to business school. After graduating, she and her business partner joined to launch Rootine, with the mission of solving nutrition gaps for every individual. Rootine has developed into a personalized nutrition system that combines science with health and wellness data to identify unique nutrition needs and deliver convenient products to provide real health benefits.

You’re about to hear how Rachel decided it was time to take the leap to shift careers, Rootine’s evolution over time, how to successfully hit milestones with team members and tips for fundraising and hiring that will help your business hit its stride.

Key takeaways this week:

  • Rachel’s insights on transforming a brand according to your vision
  • Tips for running an efficient remote workplace
  • How Rootine manages privacy and data protection
  • How Rachel is using NFTs as a collaborative approach to bring health to the forefront of tech
  • And finally, Rachel’s go​ to hiring questions that ensure each employee is the best fit for the team

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