Katya Libin

Birthing the HeyMama Community with Katya Libin

September 21, 2020

Birthing the HeyMama Community with Katya Libin

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Katya Libin is the Co-Founder and CEO of HeyMama, an application-based membership community dedicated to working mothers. Having led the business since its inception, Katya has helped HeyMama reach mothers worldwide, fostering connections and community with working mothers. Prior to co-founding the company, she worked with large corporations and brands such as Apple, Intel, and Conde Nast as well as the Global Director of Sponsorships with Social Media Week. She holds a degree in Political Science and History as well as a degree in the Spanish language. When she’s not dreaming up big ideas to grow the HeyMama brand, Katya can often be found rock climbing with her daughter and creating the perfect EDM Spotify playlist.

Katya joins us today to share the inspirational birth of the HeyMama community, how they’ve grown the community to reach working mothers worldwide, and the challenges and obstacles they’ve faced along the way. She explains how she and her co-founder, Amri Kibbler, leveraged social media to gauge their target audience’s interest before launching their platform and how they bootstrapped their way to earning over 7-figures in revenue before raising venture capital. Katya shares her advice for raising investor capital and the lessons she’s learned from pivoting her business during the COVID-19 outbreak. She also shares how practicing self-care techniques helps her reduce stress and show up as her best self as well as the benefits of becoming a member of the HeyMama community.

“Ideas are a-plenty, but it’s action that really turns them into reality.” – Katya Libin

Key takeaways from this episode include:

  • What inspired Katya to build the HeyMama community for working mothers
  • How Katya knew she was ready to launch the HeyMama community
  • How they leveraged social media to gauge their market’s interest in the community before launching
  • How HeyMama bootstrapped their way to earning over $1-million in revenue
  • Identifying the basics of your business idea and implementing them quickly to avoid procrastination
  • The impact that mom entrepreneurs are making on future generations and why Katya believes it’s okay for entreprenistas to discuss business topics with their children
  • Why HeyMama decided to seek venture capital funding and how they knew it was time to start raising investor capital
  • The impact of forming an advisory board early-on and how it has helped HeyMama grow
  • Katya’s advice for entreprenistas starting their journey into raising investor capital
  • The impact that COVID-19 has had on HeyMama and the biggest lessons Katya has learned since the pandemic began
  • Prioritizing self-care to manage stress and consistently show up as your best self
  • The benefits of joining the HeyMama community
  • Why it’s critically important for entreprenistas to believe in themselves and avoid impostor syndrome

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “This generation of mom entrepreneurs is really doing such a bigger service to their kids than they probably realize.” – Katya Libin
  • “Focus. Just keep your eye on exactly what you need to get done. Don’t get distracted by all of the shiny objects.” – Katya Libin
  • “You have to believe in yourself more than anyone else. The reason people are going to support you is because they believe in it and they see that you believe in it.” – Katya Libin

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