Beginning at the Finish Line with Caroline Beckman

October 19, 2020

Beginning at the Finish Line with Caroline Beckman

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Caroline Beckman is the founder and CEO of Nouri, a probiotics company with a mission to bring community and immunity together by delivering Gut Health solutions to the commercial market.

At only 18 years old, and within weeks of beginning her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with the University of San Diego, Caroline connected with a group of entrepreneurs to form the company Suja Juice. Here, her role as VP of Special Projects meant choosing being a full-time entrepreneur over completing her degree. She followed this by forming Nomva, a probiotic superfoods company, at 22 years old. Despite its closure in 2017, it proved an invaluable learning experience in business. Caroline’s passion lies in transforming imagination into action throughout the consumer product industry. She believes by means of disruptive technologies, Nouri can provide holistic health to the modern consumer.

Today Caroline joins us to share her impressive journey, from her days of being homeschooled to becoming the ultimate Entreprenista as founder of 3 companies by the age of 26. Caroline describes her excitement in starting Suja Juice in her college days, learning inventory, production planning, distribution and customer care and how to go from idea to action. We discuss the difficult time when her second company, Nomva, ceased trading and the lessons she learned when having hard conversations. We discuss the leadership difficulties when managing investors and work teams and how recommendations in hiring go a long way. We also discuss Caroline’s different approaches to fundraising and her bold tactics to making direct contact with the people she wishes to work with.

Key takeaways include:

  • Caroline’s fast track journey from undergraduate to CEO of Nouri Life
  • How to have the difficult conversations with staff and investors
  • Why leadership in business dictates the information you can share
  • How integrity and honesty can help bring a peaceful resolution to a failed venture
  • Caroline’s approach to marketing and branding
  • How homeschooling gave Caroline a taste of start-up work life
  • Caroline’s hack on sourcing email addresses for you business prospects
  • The etiquette you should follow in your business meetings
  • Caroline’s tips on bespoke fundraising, from a few hundred thousand, to millions of dollars
  • Why the end goal in your business should be the starting point of your plan
  • Caroline’s tips on wellness in a tough year of COVID-19

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