Attorney Turned Fashion Designer with Karen Fultz-Robinson of ObservaMé

August 16, 2022

Imagine going to law school and becoming a successful attorney. Now imagine years down the road realizing your purpose is in a completely different industry that you know absolutely nothing about. Would you freeze in fear, or fast-track your ideas because you just knew they would change lives? 

In this week’s episode, Karen Fultz-Robinson, founder of ObservaMé, an athletic wear company with a passion for changing lives, discusses why she left law to put pen to paper and design luxury athletic wear. She also shares how her former career relationships help her now and what she has learned along the way.  

“I was not a fashion person. I was not a designer. So my learning curve was humbling. And it still humbles me to this day, because I’m learning every single day how to navigate the waters in this new industry.” – Karen Fultz-Robinson

This week on Startups In Stilettos:

  • Karen shares the light bulb moment that made her start ObservaMé (1:49)
  • Karen talks about why her vision came to life so quickly (2:59)
  • How ObservaMé has changed since it first started (4:47)
  • What social media platform Karen first started advertising on (8:15)
  • How the pandemic helped Karen decide to go full-time with ObservaMé (9:41)
  • Where ObservaMé is going in the future (11:39)
  • Karen asks Jessica and Stephanie for advice on reaching customers through social media (14:03)
  • Karen, Jessica, and Stephanie discuss the use of publicists (22:41) 

Resources Mentioned:

  • 15% off code for listeners: Entreprenista15

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “I am a very impatient type of person. So I tend to fast-track things. Because once I see it in my mind, and in terms of creativity, I want to see it come to fruition where it’s tangible and touchable.” – Karen Fultz-Robinson
  • “You think you have the best idea in the world. Now you have to learn how to create an image in the mind of others that your idea is the best idea for them as well. ” – Karen Fultz-Robinson
  • “ObservaMé is Spanish for ‘watch me.’ And of course, I designed the clothing with the watch opening in the sleeve. – Karen Fultz-Robinson 
  • “89% of the people who make a determination that ‘I want to be healthy’ fail, because they don’t have the right clothes on.” – Karen Fultz-Robinson

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