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Can you describe Techwood Consulting in a few words?

Innovative, Focused, Passionate.  

What was your background prior to joining Techwood Consulting?

I graduated from Florida State University with a degree in finance. Oddly enough, I was a 9th grade remedial math teacher at an inner city school through Teach for America for two years immediately after graduating. 

The leadership lessons I learned in that environment are unmatched and I strongly believe they molded me into the professional I am today. I have a more powerful heart, I’m a far better problem solver, and can tackle complex projects like a champ. 

Can you describe your current role? Has it evolved over the years?

I joined Techwood as their first employee 9 years ago and have worked nearly every position since. As a very small but growing team, I was fortunate enough to work in all positions, which ultimately made me a strong account manager and now account team leader. 

Knowing the work involved in a client task or request has been a tremendous benefit and also a great way to follow the ever changing dynamics of Google and the online world as a whole. 

What attracted you to join Techwood Consulting?

The position. I’m a huge extrovert but also very analytical. Having a position where I could maintain the analytical nature of what I loved while also getting to work with emerging and growing brands was a perfect fit for me. Also, getting in the door so early allowed me to train and work in positions that larger companies would have had 8-9 roles for (never allowing me that exposure or opportunity). 

How does Techwood Consulting help companies on a daily basis?

Every business says they are different in some way, but I truly believe we really are. Three years ago we developed core values that literally dictate every move we make internally. These core values are spoken about frequently when making decisions for clients and are a common thread in everything we do.

HOW CAN I HELP…Our default response is dedicated to doing our part to help our clients and co-workers thrive.
CURIOSITY, KNOWLEDGE, IMPROVEMENT – We will be the first to ask why, the first to research, and the first to understand.
SECOND-MILE SERVICE – For our clients and co-workers, we will always be willing to go further than what is asked.
OPEN AND HONEST – We are willing to have both easy and hard conversations to foster a positive and mutually beneficial relationship.
LIGHTHEARTED BUT HEARTFELT – We strive to be inviting and friendly. We enjoy having fun, all without losing a sense of sincerity.
RESPECTFUL AND CONSIDERATE – We understand how our actions affect other people and will work to eliminate any negative impact.

How is Techwood Consulting differentiating itself from other digital marketing and SEO agencies on the market?

We’re employee owned so all decisions are made by the people clients work with directly on a daily basis. We essentially hire owners so the talent and specialists we have are unmatched. 

Since starting your career, what are some of the biggest lessons you have learned?

Think big but work small – I had to learn (sometimes and oftentimes) early on that the big picture is made of a lot of small triumphs. We get bogged down with the big picture and miss small and important details. Working actively on things that matter and drive results are what build long lasting relationships and jaw dropping results for clients. 

Another huge lesson I had to learn is that you don’t have to know everything. By nature I am a worrier and like order. As we grow I have to be OK not being the person who knows everything and relying on a strong, amazing, team that knows way more than me (and that’s a good thing!). 

What is the biggest challenge you have encountered along the way?

Our growth. Growth is a powerful but hard thing for a small company. Hiring, training, and developing professionals in the digital space takes a LOT of time, patience, and endurance. 

At Techwood we invest heavily in training and oversight, so growing quickly in a company that has such talented individuals keeps the stakes high! It’s a tough balance between having existing employees carry heavy loads while also ensuring that we give ample time for trainees to develop before letting them start their race. 

What is the accomplishment you are the most proud of to date?

Our success during the pandemic. Having worked at Techwood for over 9 years, I still carry ½ of the clients I did 9 years ago which means we really fight for our clients during rough times. We had a partner in NYC when the company started, so a lot of our original clients (the ones I manage directly still) are located in high impact areas. These are strong local businesses who were knocked over by the pandemic. Family owned businesses who were an integral part of the community and had to immediately pivot. Our team worked overdrive for these clients, offering them additional services free of charge, changing their websites overnight, and so much more. 

As a result, we  so fortunately saw growth during the pandemic when so many others were being forced to close their doors. 

How has your industry been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Like every other industry, the digital space is no exception in regards to COVID’s impact. We’ve seen ups and downs, but rode through the thick of the pandemic and came out on the other side stronger than ever.

Having a digital presence is not optional at this point – it’s imperative –  so we are seeing a lot more engagement and need for our services across the board. Digital touchpoints have become central in every interaction people make, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. 

Digital interaction is now the primary interaction for so many businesses, and it’s been great to work with awesome brands who are pivoting their strategy to primarily digital. 

Techwood’s biggest blessing to date has been how we navigated the pandemic and it’s a tremendous responsibility and honor that we do not take lightly knowing so many lost their employment and businesses. 

What advice can you offer to listeners who are just starting their careers and want to climb the corporate ladder?

Listen. Work your way up. Never stop learning. 

I’ve learned so much by listening to professionals at Techwood who specialize in different areas. I listen in on their calls, read the materials they write, request 30 minutes on their calendar to pick their brain, watch them work (creepy, I know!). 

The more you know, the more powerful and irreplaceable you are. I’ve said this since I started at Techwood, there is NO task too small no matter who you are. Everyone at Techwood will put paper into the printer when it’s empty. If you want to grow, start low — do anything asked of you and soak it all in. 

In the digital space – and any space really – it’s so critical that you don’t stop learning. There is ALWAYS something new to keep up with in our world, so it’s critical that you keep moving forward.

I say work your way up because I’m a believer that you are far better at your job if you’ve worked actively in every facet that goes into it. 

If you’ve never ran a report you can’t explain the data in it as well. If you haven’t trained heavily in SEO, how can you explain to a client why they need to make a particular website change? Exposing yourself to every detail of an account ensures that the team is producing the best and most impactful results for clients. 

What does being an Intraprenista mean to you?

Being a successful female business owner means being quite literally the best at what you do and bringing others with you for the ride. I strongly believe that the best of leaders have the best of teams to thank for their success – and that’s exactly what I have. 

Gaining success is one thing, but once you have that success, it’s what you choose to do with it that matters. On a daily basis I think about how I can continue to be a strong stuard of the success Techwood has earned and continues to experience.

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