The CRM for Entreprenistas who use Google Workspace. Copper lives in Gmail to automatically organize your leads, contacts, revenue, emails and more, allowing your team to do their best work. Loved by 30,000+ businesses.


Entreprenistas will receive 15% off their
first year of an annual plan by using promo code


“Anyone without technical experience can create a CRM account that works for them and their business. It really is the CRM for everybody.”

Caitlin Stower,
Director of Partnerships, Entreprenista


Maximizing Productivity and Efficiency: How Copper Benefits Entreprenistas

  • Set up Gmail integration effortlessly to automatically import email communications into Copper records
  • Bring all the information about expected income together in one easy-to-use place
  • Establish a structured call logging process
  • Create activity logging and note templates for consistent documentation
  • Implement a customer segmentation system using filters for effortless organization

Nurture relationships with customers and build brand loyalty.

Boost productivity, organization, and visibility.

Simple and easy to use, with quick onboarding for teams.