Making a Marketing Impact with Lindsey Breitwieser

“We don’t have to do a million things, we just have to do the right things. We often feel like ‘I don’t have a big budget to spend on ads and that’s why I’m not successful.’ We’re chasing all of these different marketing tactics… In truth, we don’t actually need to be doing that much.”…Read More

Demystifying the Health Insurance Industry with Dr. Noor Ali

“Show up dressed as your next level self. So, whoever that ‘her’ is that you’re projecting—whether that’s five years or 10 years—show up as her. Embodying her, not just dressed as her… Proving to yourself like, ‘Hey, I just did it 10 years before I thought that I could do it.’” When Dr. Noor Ali…Read More

How to Legally Protect Your Business with Lauren Bercuson

“In the beginning, if you don’t have a team or a system or community around you, it’s very easy to feel lost. There are these amazing communities out there for amazing female founders that will really help guide and support you. So, the greatest lesson I learned pretty quickly was that you’re never alone. Or,…Read More

Training to Sell with Candice D’Angelo

“We really have to get into this mindset of, ‘Maybe I’m not the best at sales, but I’m doing my best.’ I’m going to get better every conversation I have. I’m going to learn with every conversation that I have. We’re going to get better with every single call.” Candice D’Angelo spent the first year…Read More

Relationship and Network-Building Tips with Stephanie and Carlyn

“You don’t need to always feel like you have to belong to six or seven networking relationship groups that account for thousands and thousands of members. As I always say, go narrow and deep.” –Carlyn Bushman  Hey Entreprenistas! It’s Stephanie and Carlyn here and we’re talking about some of our favorite relationship and network-building tips.…Read More

Pitching Yourself and Finding Your Voice with Brianna Ruelas

“I see that a lot of these young women are struggling to feel like their impact matters and I really want to create something that incorporates my own stories, my own journey, to show them that our choices matter. But more importantly, that they matter, and that everything they bring to the table is significant…Read More

The Finishing Touch with Stephanie Purzycki

“I time block and I say, ‘This is going to be the time specific to managing the business.’ Being able to manage my time correctly and know when I’m doing what. In this post COVID era where we’re all working remotely, being able to connect face to face is also important. So, our weekly zoom…Read More